Thursday, July 31, 2008

I can't keep up!

Hi, my name is Lynn and I'm a blogaholic.

I love reading blogs. I think I've become addicted!

But I just can't keep up. lol

Currently I am subscribed to 69 blogs in my Google reader and have 260+ unread entries. I'm constantly finding new ones that look interesting and adding them there so I don't forget and can find them again. Problem is, people just keep blogging and don't let me catch up on my reading.

I'm gonna be gone for 10 days in mid August. I can only imagine what my reader is going to look like after that!


Amy said...

Would you like to start a blog-a-holics anonymous with me? I am the same way. I subscribe to a bunch and keep adding. I start early in the morning and don't finish until after lunch.I don't know what I'll do when I go back to!

Sooz said...

I can't keep up these days myself, and I only read a few right now! I'll be gone some as well in August, so there you go, that's one blog you won't have to catch up with ;).