Monday, July 28, 2008

I won the lottery!! my dream last night.

Well, me and 9 other people. But rather that split the money we decided to do a survivor-esque vote out to decide who got all the money. How lame is that?

As it was going on I realized how we were voting and figured who was going to be in the last 3 so I went to them and we made a deal to be the last 3 for sure and split the money. We'd all get $30 million each. Yeah, because to split it 10 ways and only get $9 million each just wasn't enough!

Then I started questioning if we really won. So we went online to check the numbers but they weren't posted on the lottery site. We had to enter our numbers to verify that we won. Well, I was so nervous I was shaking and couldn't get it entered correctly and had to keep starting over.

I then made a pact with my cousin for us to watch out for each other and not change and become snobs because of the money.

Then I woke up. So I don't even know for sure if I got any money!


Amy said...

ha! You have wierd dreams like me. I wonder what the meaning of this is??

Therese said...

Maybe you should buy a Powerball ticket for tomorrow night...

BTW-today's the day!!!

Amy said...

You gotta play to win!