Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Public Restrooms

Can someone explain to me why just about every time I use a public restroom I have to contort my body into positions I never thought imaginable just to get the toilet paper off the roll?

Who decided it was convenient to put the dispenser further back on the wall than where the toilet seat is? Probably a man who stands when he pees!

Not to mention the fact that before you can even go you have to practically stand on the toilet so you can get the door closed behind you!

Just my little gripe for the day after spending the day shopping and having a few tp issues!


Amy said...

I feel your pain! I have LOTS of public bathroom issues. And of course the one where the doors open 'in' so you have to hang onto the toilet really gets me too!
Not to mention, when there is no soap....grrr! :)

Sooz said...

LOL girl you are cracking me up. My toilet pet peeve, a recent one from work last night...I walked into the stall and the previous person hadn't flushed YUCK! Come on people!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

AMEN SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my GOSH that drives me nuts!!! SO obviuosly done by a man