Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cool blog and a giveaway too!

Thanks to Amy and Therese for bringing The Secret is in the Sauce to my attention!

It's a cool place to bring people together and find some new blogs and blogging friends. I've been lurking for a few days to check it out and see what it's like.

I finally decided to "come out" today and share it with you. All 4 of you!

They've been doing some great weekly summer giveaways. This week is a $100 Target gift card. C'mon! Who doesn't love Tar-jay?!


Amy said...

Welcome to the club, girly!

I neeeed that Target card...wooo! :)

The SITS gIRLS said...

Welcome to the SITStahood!

Kathleen @ Katydid & Kid said...

What a generous and wonderful giveaway! i could really use this for some vacation stuff like sunblock and some baby things for my son. Thanks so much for sharing!

Kimberly said...

Welcome to the SITS life! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog this weekend! I hope you had a nice 4th!