Friday, July 25, 2008

MRI #2 and EMG

Quick update on hubby for anyone interested:

He went for an MRI back in May for a problem he's been having with his shoulder and neck. They just checked his neck at that time and nothing. So he went back for more therapy and he is still having problems so they recommended doing one on his shoulder thinking is was a torn muscle. The doctor also mentioned some type of cyst was a possibility.

He went in on Wednesday for the second MRI and again nothing. He's really starting to get frustrated because he knows something is wrong. He's still having pain and does not have full motion or strength in his arm.

So now they have scheduled him for an EMG. A test that measure the electrical activity of muscles. He's not looking forward to it. I guess it will take about 90 minutes. Let's hope they figure out what's going on this time before he really freaks out! LOL


Amy said...

Oh I know that sick or pained men can be worse than a kid...good luck and I hope he gets an answer soon, not only for his sake, but yours too :)

Melissa said...

I'm sorry your hubby is hurting.

Thanks for stopping by today. It's been crazy and fun and I'm glad it's not like this everyday. INSANE!

Tim Perkins said...

One of life's worst situations is where one feels very bad pain and the medical detectives can't isolate the source. At some point the patient becomes convinced that the doctors think it's all a hoax. I can certainly vouch for all the pain Steve has been feeling and will double my prayer efforts.

Amy said...

How frustrating. let us know how the EMG goes. I hear it's kind of a pain, but that may be okay if it helps figure out the other pain.