Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hubby goes in for an MRI today.

I think I mentioned a while back that he was having problems with his right neck/shoulder/arm. Well he's been to the orthopedic doctor a couple times, gotten x-rays taken and gone through some physical therapy and while it doesn't hurt as much he still doesn't have full use of it. They still aren't quite sure if it's a torn muscle or a pinched nerve or what. I guess you can't fully tell from an x-ray so now it's time for the MRI. Whatever! They take the x-rays to rule out other possibilities before doing an MRI, which is more expensive and sometimes not covered by insurance.

Hoping it's not something that will require surgery and for him to be out of work. He will be able to collect some kind of pay but not sure how much. We'd have to check into that if it goes that far. He was actually saying it might not be so bad being on leave from work for a while.............yeah, until we can't make the mortgage payment because you aren't bringing home a full paycheck! Mine sure won't cut it!!

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Amy said...

Good luck with that! Keep us posted.