Thursday, May 1, 2008

Strange Dreams

I had two strange dreams last night.

First I dreamt two of my co-workers got fired for stealing from the store. One of them pulled a gun while working (not at all someone you'd expect to have a gun!) and they took off with some cash and we found out they had been stealing for quite some time. My mom had been called to go help out at the store and she wouldn't tell me why, but I was with her when she went. When we got there I found out because the surveillance tape was playing in the office. Strange too.....the store didn't really look like the place I work.

The second was about the cruise hubby and I are taking. For some reason we were on different flights. I realized when I was ready to board mine that I hadn't packed any of our cosmetic items. I had packed the suitcase with clothes the day before but was going to put all the rest in the next day and never did. I tried to call my hubby to pack a bag quick but found out he was boarding at the same time. I didn't even know when his flight was. I was freaking out because we wouldn't have any deodorant or shampoo. We'd have to find a store a buy a bunch of stuff before getting on the ship.

I hope it's not a premonition. Though every time we do take a trip I always feel like I've forgotten something, even though I make lists of everything we need to bring.

We got our passports yesterday, they look so empty. I wish we could go traveling to fill them up. Also got the copy of the pic of me with the Nelson brothers. I'll try to scan it later when I have time and share it with you even though I look like a dork!

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EscapeToThought said...

I am always thinking I have forgotten something, no matter where I go, so you're not alone.