Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My life

The title of this blog is Lynn's Life. But as you can see, since I only post about once a week, my life is pretty boring! Or I just haven't mastered the art of making it "appear" exciting!

So what's a good age to let your daughter start wearing makeup? I don't remember what age I was "allowed" to start wearing. Skowt asked me about it yesterday. She does wear a little lip gloss now and then but she asked about eye shadow and mascara. Because ya know...........everybody is wearing it! Except her and 3 other girls (one is allergic and one is very tomboyish), so really that means only her and her best friend!

I went to her band concert last night and took notice of the girls with makeup. Umm, yeah.....not quite everybody my friend! LOL It was more the 8th graders, she is in 7th. The one girl I did notice with eye shadow in 7th grade looked a little trampy. Not that I think I'd have a problem with her looking like that.

Now when Tiger is her age, I don't know........she's a whole other animal! She's been something else lately! She told me the other day she has anger issues. Oh, she can be as sweet as can be when she wants something, but otherwise she picks fights with Skowt just because she can.
Oh, I'm so looking forward to them both being home all day so I can listen to that. Just 15 days of school left!


Amy said...

My 2 girls fight constantly too...drives me nuts! We only have less than a week left of school! Yay

Amy said...

Lynn- Lyric and I made a compromise- no eye shadow and clear mascara. She does lip gloss and a bit of blush, and coverup when needed because after all, she does have teenage skin LOL good luck!