Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh, Doesn't it just figure!?

I was hoping this wouldn't happen! We usually fly Midwest Air when we can. They just announced yesterday that they are cancelling a ton of flights and stopping service to some cities.

One of those cities being Ft. Lauderdale Florida! We just happen to have reservations to Ft. L in November for our cruise. Ugh! I really hope we don't have a problem finding another flight that will coincide with our shuttle service that we already have set up. We'll probably end up paying twice as much but I am NOT missing this cruise! I guess I should at least be glad that we have time to fix this and it didn't happen just days before we were set to leave. That would have been a nightmare!

They are also stopping service to Hartford which is where we fly to when visiting our family in MA. We are headed there next month and luckily they aren't stopping until September so we should be good.

*crossing fingers*


Amy said...

Girl, I would hitchhike to catch that boat...if I were going :( I still have daydreams that it will happen, but I doubt it. Maybe I'll with the lottery...haha!

Amy said...

Some girls have all the luck, huh! I'm sure Rick will hold the boat for you. LOL. I'm sure you will work it out.