Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My chips are stale

I mentioned about a week and a half ago that I'm trying to lose a little weight.

One of my biggest food weaknesses is potato chips. I love 'em. I can't eat a sandwich without chips on the side. It's just not right. Gotta have that crunch to go along with it. My mom jokes that she can open a bag from a mile away and I know! I seem to walk in to her house whenever she does.

My favorite kind are Krunchers. Or any other kettle cooked kind.

I decided that to keep myself going I'm not going to give up any of my favorites. I'm just going to eat them in moderation to stay within my point range.....or as close to it as I can. ;)

So this past week instead of having an open bag of chips next to me, I've been weighing out a serving size according to the bag.

That bag of chips freakin lasted FOREVER! Long enough that they were going stale by the end of the bag! Not cool! But I ate them! lol

Hmm? What's worse? No chips or stale chips?

BTW: I got on the scale today after 10 days and I'm down 3.5 lbs. Yay me!


Amy said...

Yeah, you is right! 3.5 is awesome. and I say No chips is worse than stale chips. If there's no crunch, why bother LOL

Amy said...

You go girl!

Sooz said...

WTG Lynn! No chips is better than stale chips, I say :).

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