Friday, August 1, 2008

Checking out my old school

Today my daughter's tennis match was held at my old high school. I haven't been back there since my brother graduated in 1991. I had to go inside and check it out. Luckily there were people around and it was open.

It was kind of weird walking around those halls. It was the same yet different. They added some trophy cases and vending machines. They painted some things. All the lockers were green now (the school colors are white and green) instead of that puke grey color lockers usually are.

It felt kind of strange though, like I was trespassing on someone else's property. I didn't stay in there too long or go around the entire school. I still felt like I was gonna get in trouble for wandering the halls without a pass and get detention! LOL

My daughter played two matches. One singles and one mixed doubles. She lost both but she is getting better though and not losing by as much. She's been trying to perfect her serve.

Then when we got home the kids talked me into going in the pool. I'm not much of a swimmer. I used to love it when I was a kid. We spent most every day in the pool at the sitters house. But at some point I changed into a boring adult who doesn't want to get wet. Not to mention I look hideous in a swim suit. I was thinking about when and how that happened.

Then it dawned on me, having been inside my old school today. It must have been the swimming classes I had to endure in high school gym. It was bad enough having gym with the boys but then having to swim with them too! Enough to traumatize any teenage girl.

I had the cool male gym teacher though who was willing to let the girls sit out *ahem* during that time. Not so with the other female teacher who not too many people liked. Too bad everyone knew that your little visitor was in town and that is why you were sitting out.

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Amy said...

My old high school is now the elementary school and they built a new high school. I haven't been back to any of my old schools because my girls go to private. I am sure it would feel strange though and everything would look smaller.

*my google reader is back to normal, thank goodness*