Friday, August 8, 2008

So frustrating

Skowt had her last tennis match today. Tiger and I always stay and watch. It's so frustrating though watching your child participate in a sport and not being able to help. Seeing her make little mistakes, or watching her miss the ball or seeing her not getting it over the net! The worst was her opponent calling a ball out when it was cleary in! Thus causing her to take a loss on that game! Argh!

The coach walks around and watches. But they are pretty much left on their own to score and make calls on balls being out. Mostly in an effort to teach them the game and to pay attention. Also getting them ready for when they play in high school and have to know what's going on.

Don't get me wrong. I love watching her play and she has made great improvements this summer. But she's my kid and I want to see her succeed and win.

Also, check out my new favicon! What's that you ask? That little square up in the address bar that used to be a blogger B is now an L for Lynn of course! Wasn't sure what else to put there so went with that. I added a camera on my photoblog. Thanks so much to Carrie for the instructions on how to do it! It was so easy.


Amy said...

Thats pretty cool! I am sorta looking for a whole new layout. I am never satisified...haha

Carrie said...

Hi Lynn!! Just stopping in to check out your favicon! It looks great! Thanks for coming by my blog!!