Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I'm suffering from computer and blogging withdrawals!

I've only been able to get on for a minute or two here and there. But I'm having fun with family (most of the time ;)! Went whale watching yesterday and rode on a zip line today for the first time. That was cool. I do have pics to prove it and will post one when I get home. I actually trusted my brother with my camera while we went up there and he did a decent job and didn't drop it once. WHEW!

I'll be back to my regular posting and visiting of other blogs sometime Sunday or Monday. Enjoy the rest of your week!


Amy said...

Glad you checked in and hope you have a great rest of the week :)

Sooz said...

LOL I felt the same way when we were on our trip earlier in the month. Thanks for checking in! :)

Amy said...

Hope you enjoy your trip!