Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nail polish emergency

I wasn't sure if I was going to have time to post today. But here I am. All packed, ready to go with time to spare. Amazing!

We don't have to leave for the airport until around 11am so thought we'd sleep in a bit. But then we had a little bit of a nail polish emergency last night.

The kids decided they had to do their nails before the trip so around 9pm they got all their stuff out. They, of course didn't want help from mom. They took their time to get it just right. Well, Skowt, trying to get it dark enough, went a little overboard on the amount of polish she used. It wouldn't dry properly and she ended up getting it all over her hands.

Of course, in the process of trying to get it just right she used up all the nail polish remover and couldn't even clean up her mess. So she just tried to get as much off as possible with her fingers, let the rest dry and washed her hands good.

We had to run out this morning to get some more remover so I could fix it. I made her get up early and go with me and pay for it since she used all of mine! What an awful mom I am!


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