Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My theory

I was looking at the pictures that Skowt took on her new camera. Besides the ones I shared yesterday there were a bunch of family pics. Including one of me. Which I do not like. At all.

I've pretty much never liked pics of myself. Most people I know have said the same thing when they see pictures of themselves. So I have this theory as to why. Well besides the fact that I don't like some of my features.

You see yourself everyday. In the mirror. A reflection yourself. The opposite of what everyone else sees.

When you see a picture of yourself it's how everyone else sees you. The opposite of what you see in the mirror. So of course it looks different.

Clear as mud? I thought so.


Amy said...

I gotcha! I don't know if thats good or bad though. ha!

Amy said...

The same goes with voices. I don't think I sound like myself when I hear my voice (like on the answering machine). SO, I totally get it.

Amy said...

Hi Lynn! Thanks for stopping by my blog!I've missed seeing you there.
I love the new look of yours!
I definitely think you're on to something with the picture thing.Sometimes I go out thinking I look ok then see a picture from that day and wonder what the heck happened??!!lol!

I always enjoy looking at your photo blog too!

Jen said...

That is a really good theory. I like it and I am not liking how people must see me. ;)
Thanks for your visit the other day.