Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's packing day!!

I've been spending the day getting ready for our trip. Finishing up laundry and charging all the ipods, Nintendos and camera batteries.

Been out on two last minute runs to the store already. One of them I had to go all the way to one side of town to get to the opposite side of town. Grrr! They just closed another road in town that I didn't realize was closed. I couldn't make a left turn on the main road I wanted to get on because the cross road I was on was closed across it. So I could only turn right and had to go out of my way.

It takes me forever to pack! Gotta help the kids first and make sure we've got enough clothes and stuff to do on the plane. Then it's time for me to decide what to take. It's not easy when your wardrobe sucks! lol Right now all my clothes are spread out all over the bed! I needed a break.

And why is it that it's normally like pulling teeth to get the kids to put their clothes away after I do laundry. But yesterday, the one day I left the basket in the living room because most of it would probably being going straight into a suitcase, Tiger decides she is going to put away her clothes away. Um, no. Why bother? We're packing tomorrow.

I plan on taking A LOT of pics and hope to have some good ones to share here and on my photo blog. I have an idea of something I may try for a series here but we'll see how they turn out first.

Not sure if I'll post tomorrow morning. And as far as the rest of the trip goes I may stop in a couple times from my aunt's computer. Otherwise I'll see ya around the 24th!


Amy said...

I hope you have a fun and safe trip! Looking forward to the pics. I don't think any kids put their clothes away, mine never do :)

Amy said...

Have fun! I can't wait to see all your pix. My vacation feels like it was yers ago.