Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun with new camera

We gave my daughter Skowt a new camera for her 13th bday. Her bday is not until the 15th but we are going on vacation so we gave it to her early so she could practice a bit before our trip.

We went out to dinner and the kids saw me taking pics of the design on the table and the ceiling and were questioning why. So I told them not to be afraid to take pics of what they think are ordinary things. Try close ups or different angles. Sometimes those turn out to be the best photos.

So Tiger took this one of my water glass:

Skowt (and grandma) decided to play with her food and create this masterpiece. Notice the hole in the tortilla looks like Africa.

I took this one when we came home for cake

BTW, it's a Canon Powershot A470 and so far I like it.


Amy said...

I love that shot of the water glass!

You are making me want to run out and by a new camera RIGHT NOW! LOL! :D

Amy said...

I need a new camera! Or at least an additional one. Something that will, say, take great pictures in low light, while the subject is singing and jamming on his guitar and moving all over the stage...LOL I love the different angles. Glad Skowt is having fun with her camera.

Tim Perkins said...

You can't go wrong with Canon equipment.