Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello from Massachusetts!!

Got in yesterday, had a really smooth flight. We got our luggage in record time. It was already coming down the belt just as we were walking up to baggage claim. That is definitely a first!!

Mostly been spending time with family so far and eating! I think I've already gained back the 5 pounds I lost over the past month! I have absolutely no willpower.

We went to the Yankee Candle store today. They have a really big one right near the main corporate offices here in MA. We also went to a butterfly exhibit, hopefully some of those pics turned out well. Tomorrow, my cousin gets in to town and we're getting ready for a party my aunt is throwing on Saturday.

Oh, and I'll officially be the mom of a teenager tomorrow!!

Happy Birthday Skowt!! Love you!


Amy said...

happy birthday to the teenage daughter. wow! Have fun :D

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Skowt. Don't make mom crazy!

Lynn, there's nothing to parenting a teenager. It's just like when they were 2. LOL

I'm glad you are having fun.

Sooz said...

Happy birthday to Skowt! Ditto to Amy's comment about parenting teenagers :). Have fun!