Monday, February 21, 2011

Another for the Wall of Fame

Yesterday we drove through rain, sleet and snow to meet this guy...

Frank Fritz from American Pickers, one of our favorite shows in this house.  He was doing an appearance at the World of Wheels Auto Show at the WI state fair grounds.  I was surprised at how many people were there considering the crappy weather we were having.  We had prepaid for tickets so we weren't about to lose out on that money.  Henry Winkler was also supposed to be making an appearance but he wasn't there, not sure why.
Now my daughter wants to start a "wall of fame" where we hang up any celebrity autographs we get.  Could be fun, we've got a few so far.

After meeting Frank we of course walked around and checked out some cool cars.  And hubby got some more ideas for his car, like he needs that!  He keeps changing his mind about what to do.

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Amy said...

Are you sitting on his lap??? That's not Rick Springfield!! LOL!