Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It all started.....

In a small town in Massachusetts

Where I was born 41 years ago.

Now I'm living in Wisconsin, wearing purple snuggies!

And eating chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.

Made with love by my hubby!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quick Update

Well, I had my surgery this past Friday.  All went well and I was at home and in bed by about 3:30pm.

They removed the cyst and he is 99% sure there is nothing to be concerned about.  But they do send it in for testing just to be sure it's not cancerous.  He tried to just remove it and leave the ovary but once he detached it, he could not stop the bleeding so he just took the entire ovary along with it.  Which is perfectly fine.  I knew that was an option.  I have a spare that will take over for the missing one.  We aren't planning on any more kids so that wasn't an issue either. 

For the most part I'm back to normal, though there is still some soreness periodically and still a bit tired and need to randomly nap.  The pain medication has a tendency to slow things down in the bowel department so I had to get some Milk of Magnesia to help things along. 

Three words!!! 
That is the absolute worst tasting thing I have ever tasted!  Leave it to hubby to get a non-flavored version. (Though otherwise he has been awesome taking care of me!)  My mom said the stuff she got in the hospital at least tasted minty.

BTW, her surgery went well also.  Once he got in, it was not nearly as bad as expected and he is pretty confident he was able to clean it all out pretty well.  She has been home, resting.  She goes back at the end of the month for follow up and to figure out when chemo starts. 

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers sent.  They were much appreciated!  I hope all my blog/Internet friends are doing well as I haven't been around as much keeping up with you all.