Thursday, May 28, 2009

11 of 52 photos of me

Forever In Blue Jeans

We went on a little walk the other night and Daddy picked Tiger up on his shoulders. She wanted to get up there but she doesn't look very confident!

So after he danced around a bit and freaked her out she had to run and get a hug from mom!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Meet Pepper and Tanner

Our house guests for the weekend.

I'm guessing you can figure out who is who! We are not normally pet people. Well, hubby and I aren't. The kids would love to have some sort of pet. I think they were a little surprised when we agreed they could take them in for the weekend while Skowt's friend is on vacation. I figured we'd give it a trail run for a few days and see how it goes knowing we can send them home on Tuesday!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy 40th!!

Happy 40th Birthday............

To my hubby and very best friend!!!
I love you!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

10 of 52 photos of me

Forever In Blue Jeans

We had to spend some time outside tonight. The weather has been so warm the past couple days and my mom bought us some new chairs for the patio!

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's a conspiracy I tell ya!

I am a creature of habit. I'll find a favorite product and will use it exclusively. It has to be that type or brand and nothing else will do.

Same goes for restaurants. I have my favorite places and at each of those places I usually have a favorite dish or two that I order almost every time. Depends on the place, some places have a few more choices than others. But I am a picky eater. I find my faves and stick with them.

That is until people mess with me and screw up my whole system!

Why is it that when I find something I like and get in the habit of using it on a regular basis and decide I can't live without it, that is when the company decides they need to change things up? Can't they just leave well enough alone?

I am currently boycotting a certain sub sandwich place because of that reason. LOL Within the span of maybe two years, they changed their menu 3 times! I was upset each time........the first two I sucked it up, dealt with it and found a new favorite because my family liked the place. But the 3rd time I had had it and walked out pissed that they had changed it yet again. I can understand a few changes here and there, but the entire menu? And that often? Wouldn't you keep a few basic "core" choices? I mean come on, it's a sub place and they didn't even have a freakin' meatball sub to fall back on when they changed it up!

Right now I'm also in the process of trying to find a new favorite bra because I can't find the style I like anywhere anymore. I think I have found one. But really how long will my relationship last this time?

What is this world coming to?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

9 of 52 photos of me

Forever In Blue Jeans

Oops! I missed last week! I new it would happen sooner or later. Oh well, I'll just pick up here where I left off.

This week I'm not going with a pic with either of the kids. As moms we put much of our time and energy into our kids, but to keep sane I think we all need to have our own interests and make a point to make some "me" time! That is what I did this past Friday. I met up with some friends to go see Rick Springfield (again!). This is me with the friend that agreed to go with me if I saw NKOTB with her. She enjoyed the show........or so she says!

Check out my previous post if you want to see a pic of me with the man himself!!
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh, my poor blog

I know I'm not spending much quality time with you. It's not that I don't want to. It's that there just aren't enough hours in the day! I miss you and all your bloggy friends! I think about you all the time, but there are just so many other things going on and things I want to do that I can't always get here everyday! Not to mention the fact that I suck at time management and sometimes just get plain lazy too.

Things like celebrating birthdays, kids activities and band concerts. I had my daughter off of school because of a possible swine flu threat so spent some time with her. We spent a day shopping and doing lunch. I've of course been working a bunch, trying to spend as much time with hubby whenever we happen to have time off together. Trying to clean and get caught up with some stuff around the house....which isn't going quite like I'd like. I've been trying to read more and get caught up on a couple tv shows I have on tivo. Which reminds Netflix cue is getting longer by the second. There are just more movies I want to see than time to see them.

Oh, and I went to see Rick Springfield again this past Friday. Check out my new favorite photo.....

Don't we look like the happy couple? lol It was a fun night and I love this photo! I can't stop looking at it! My friend from work came with me. Remember the one who dragged me to see the New Kids On The Block? Well, she paid up on her end of the bargain and came to see Rick with me. She even got to meet him and get a photo too. I so think she made out better on the whole deal.......Rick thought so too! :)

So blog, I just want you to know that I still love you and will visit as often as I can! Oh, and can you wish all the moms that stop by a

Very Happy Mother's Day!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

10 Years ago today

I was scheduled to go in and have labor induced because I was past my due date. Well, I woke up that morning to go to the hospital and started having labor pains. She was stubborn and was going to come on her own terms and not have someone "force" her out!

Here she is after they cleaned her up of course.....all 9 pounds and 1 ounce of her! Ouch!

Examining her 1st birthday cake...

And her 2nd birthday cake....

Looking her mischievous self on her 3rd bday....

She can also put on a cute face, which she did for her 4th....

And 5th....

Ok, and 6th too......

With her birthday crown from school on her 7th.....

Finally with some teeth missing on her 8th.....

Showing off for the camera (she's good at that) for her 9th.....

And here she is now. This was taken at the end of April. She always willing to pose for me! I plan on doing a little birthday photo shoot with her sometime in the next few days, unfortunately it looks like it may rain today.

I can't believe my youngest is 10 already!! And I can't believe I haven't gone completely mad yet. She can be stubborn, frustrating, ornery, moody, mischievous and the list goes on......and drive her mother to tears.
But she can also be a sweet, caring, fun loving girl who puts a smile on my face!
Happy Birthday Tiger!!! I love you!!

Friday, May 1, 2009