Monday, September 27, 2010

Brewer game

Saturday night we went to a Milwaukee Brewers game.  We haven't gone in years.  Mostly because we aren't sports fans.  And don't get me started on the cost of everything either!  EIGHTEEN friggin dollars for parking! 

Skowt's high school band was playing for the pre-game so we decided to head out also.

No home runs were hit so we didn't get to see Bernie go down the slide!

Like I said, not something we normally do but it was fun to go as a family, do something different and watch my daughter out on the field. 

We did get to see the woman who babysat my kids for about 6 years or Nana as they called her.  We knew she had worked at the ball park after she stopped sitting for us but didn't know if she was still there.  Well, we bumped into her on our way out (we left a tad early) so that was nice.  Tiger didn't remember her, she was too young and Skowt didn't get a chance to see her as she had to stay with the band for the entire game.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wish me luck....

As you may or may not know, I quit my part time job back at the beginning of June.  I was not happy there and frustrated and decided I wanted time at home with the kids over the summer because really they're not gonna be around all that much longer.  And also because I wanted to focus more on my photography.

Well, I accomplished the spending time with the kids part.  The photography....not so much.  Just check out my photo blog.  I haven't posted there in over a month.

But recently I came across Zazzle again.  It's on online marketplace where people can set up their own storefront and create customizable products with their own designs or photos.  I had visited there in the past and considered setting up an online store but just never did.  But this time I decided it was time to go for it.  This is why I decided to leave my job, right? 

I've considered doing portraits (I think high school seniors would be fun) and people have asked me about that.  And while I may dabble in it here and there and do stuff for family and friends I don't think that is where I'm at right now.  I love taking photos of my family and people in general.  But put me in the "official" portrait situation and I get very nervous and uncomfortable.  I have a hard time in social situations as it is, just talking to people and feeling comfortable.  So having to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera and getting them to relax so their photos look natural is a hard thing for me. 

So while I will try to continue to work on that, for now I've decided to focus on other subjects and build an online store.  You can check out my store specifically by visiting the link below.  There are only a couple things in there right now and I still want to play around with the look of the store and store description, but let me know what you think.  I'd appreciate it. 

Fishing Bouy Mousepad mousepad
Fishing Bouy Mousepad by lynnsphotos
View a different mousemat on zazzle

I still have my gallery at SmugMug and will continue to add photos there as well.  So hopefully between the two I can get something going.

Also, if there's anyone out there willing to let me put a link to my store on their site let me know.  I'd be willing to do the same for you! 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do they listen?

Not always.  Especially when I tell them to clean up their rooms or put away their clothes.  Just like every kid.  But there are some things you say that you really hope they are paying attention to and will hang out in their brains until needed at a later date!

I've got two kids.  I'm always wondering if I'm raising them right, being a good mom, doing the right thing, setting a good example.  Will they turn out to be decent, loving, strong women?  Will they make the right decisions?

Back in April of this year when we took our trip to Tennessee we stopped at a grocery store one night to pick up a few things.  My mom and Tiger went in while Skowt, hubby and I waited in the car.  It was a nice night so we had the windows open. 

While waiting a fairly young couple came out of the store and walked to a car a few spaces over from ours.  When they got near it all you could hear was the guy yelling and screaming at the girl.  Swearing, calling her names, telling her how stupid she was etc.  I don't even remember all he said.  I just remember it was awful.  He got in the drivers side and she was on the passenger side and paused for a moment.  You could tell she was crying.  I remember thinking "Don't do it.  Don't get in that car."  

She did and he sped off.  Without thinking I turned to my daughter and said "If you are ever with a guy and he talks to you like that don't get in the car.  Go back inside, call me and I will come get you"  She just looked at me and said OK.  She seemed kind of stunned.  I think it was a combination of what she heard from him and from what I told her.  But that was the end of it.  I never went any further or brought it up again.  

I don't know if it had any impact on her or not.  I pray that she never finds herself in a similar situation.  I just hope that it sticks with her and she remembers what I said if she should ever find herself being treated so cruelly and that she will have the guts to walk away.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Table Topics Tuesday: Hotties!


Shannon over at the Nuthouse asked us to list our top five hotties. 

Anyone who has ever set foot on this blog probably knows my all-time #1 hottie is Rick Springfield!!

So yeah, he gets two pictures! 

As far as the rest of my top 5?  Well, that could change on any given day!  Here are some of the ones that came to mind today!  In no particular order..........

Drew Fuller

The latest season of Army Wives just finished up so he's currently toward the top.

Scott Bakula

I used to love watching him in Quantum Leap!  I still think he's got it!  Can't wait until the 2nd season of Men of a Certain Age starts.

Taylor Kitsch

Who doesn't love Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights??  Sad to hear this year will be the last season :(
"Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose"

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley
The Salvatore Brothers

I can count them as one entry right?  They're brothers and I can't decide which one I like better! 

That was tough.  Because as I started putting together this post I kept thinking of more.  Ask me tomorrow and I may have a totally different answer. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wreck this Journal {Update #3}

Yeah, well so much for doing this regularly!  It was only last November that I started this journal project.  That's me, start something new and not keep it up or follow through. 

So I was sitting in the car the last night waiting for Tiger while she had her riding lesson.  I had brought some stuff to do while I waited but was still bored!  I had my Wreck this Journal in the bag and decided it was about time to work on it some more.

I opened it up to this page:

OK, I'll do this one!

So I carefully removed tore out the page.

I folded it up.

And stuck it in my pocket!

I put in through the wash today.  But not without some planning, which of course goes totally against the point of the book!  I first had it in the pocket of my zip up hoodie.  But I thought it may fall out and get torn up to pieces in the washer.  So I ended up putting it in the back pocket of my jeans.  It made it through and was still inside the pocket when I removed them. 

What I didn't account for was the dryer.

That's when it came out of the pocket and ripped into 3 pieces and got all wadded up.  So maybe it wasn't supposed to go in the dryer.

It didn't say to put it in there.  But it didn't say not to.

Whatever.  I flattened it out. 

And taped it back together.

It's now resting peacefully back in it's place in the book.

It shrunk though.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School 2010

Back to school.  It's always such a bittersweet time.  So happy and proud to see my girls growing up and advancing on to the next grade.

But sad that it means they're a year older and that much closer to leaving the nest :(

Every year I look forward to the alone time it gives me. But every year on that first day I always seem to have that feeling of loneliness and what do I do now?  Hopefully this year that won't last too long.  As usual, I do have a long list of stuff I want to accomplish.....actually getting to it is a different story!