Saturday, December 31, 2011

52 weeks of my girls

So besides my emotional state putting a damper on my blogging, I also started having a hard time coming up with topics. 

I've been thinking a lot recently about some things I want to do this year on my blog. 

Last year I attempted a 52 week project on my photo blog.  I made it through 35 weeks.  Life got in the way and I also starting feeling pressure to get a photo.  The group I was with had a theme each week and although you were not required to follow the theme I chose to from the beginning and wanted to keep it that way.  Well, they started getting kind of difficult and I was stressing to come up with something each week.

So this year I want to make it a bit easier for myself and a bit more meaningful.  I was looking through pics from last year for a project I was considering for a Christmas gift and realized I had very few pics of my kids in 2011!!  That made me sad. 

My oldest will be off to college in about a year and a half.  I want to start making the most of that time until she leaves.  So I decided this year I will do a 52 week project of my girls. 

Even though it's a photo project I'm choosing to do it on this blog because it's my family, my life. 

The first week will be Jan 1-7.  So at some point during the week I will post a photo of my girls.  I haven't decided if it will be a specific day of the week.  Probably not because it will depend on the timing of the photo each week.

So feel free to join me and share a link if you do.  If you don't have kids, use your spouse, your pet, yourself....self portraits are always good!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Hello Blog....

I've missed you.  I know, it's been almost two months.

I'm sorry.

Please don't be mad.

It's not you, it's me.  Really.

Been going through some personal crap that really is all my own doing.  I tend to think way too much and make up scenarios in my head that upset me but are probably not really the case.  Something doesn't go the way I was expecting and I get angry or hurt because "everyone hates me" because it was all my fault it didn't go my way.

I expect perfection in everything and get frustrated when I don't get it.  I really need to learn to accept things and people for the way they are.  Learn to go with the flow.  Not take everything so damn seriously.  It's tough.  It's an ongoing process for me.

But it hasn't been until recently that I'm finally starting to see what I'm doing to myself and that I can control the way I see things and the way I feel about them. 

I'm not saying I'm miraculously "changed".  I'm saying I'm in the process of figuring it out.  Finally.  I think. 

So through all this I withdrew and ignored you dear blog.  Just like in real life trying to hide all the bad stuff.  Going out in public with a smile on your face even though you are crying inside.  Telling people who ask how you're doing "Great, how are you?"   

But I'm feeling better and I'm back.

And I'm gonna try my darnedest not the let my mind get in the way anymore!  We'll see!  LOL

P.S.  I'd like to thank a couple bloggy friends for spurring this post and helping me put it all into words.  One for asking me how things were going which caused me to just let it all out and one for talking plans and goals with me for the new year (let's make it a great one!)