Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

Wow, this year went by way too fast. The older I get the faster time seems to go by. It needs to slow down. I still have too many things on my life's to do list. But this year wasn't too bad as far as years go I guess. I did get to cross some things off that list. Like whale watching, meeting Jason Thompson and going on a cruise.

Again this year I don't really have any specific resolutions. Still working on just becoming the best me I can as I mentioned in last year's post. I still hit bumps in the road but am trying to now learn from them instead of continuing to wallow in the self doubt and self pity that has been part of my life for so long. Easier said than done of course!

I do want to work on my photography and get back to posting regularly on my photo blog . But that means I need to stop procrastinating so much and work on being more motivated to get things done. One of these days I want it to be more than just a hobby. I have some possible goals I've been discussing with my hubby, but it'll take some work on my part. He has much more confidence in me than I do in myself. Again, something I'm trying to work on.

I wish all the best in 2009 for all my bloggy friends. I hope the new year is all that you hope for and more. May it also bring you much happiness.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Time to make the donuts

Tiger loves donuts! My hubby thought it would be funny to sneak "donut maker" on to her Christmas list. Well, when she saw it she insisted on getting one "if they are invented yet" she said!

So I found one of these at a kitchen gadget store:

It's basically just for dropping pancake batter but it did have "donut maker" on the box also, she was all excited. It included what looked like and easy recipe for regular donuts. All you have to do is mix the batter, put it in the contraption and "release rings of batter into hot oil"

Well this is the closest to a ring we got:

The dough just seemed to have a mind of it's own and take on random shapes. It also broke off into smaller pieces and we had all those turds you see around the edges.
Here are a couple more of the random shapes we got.

We tried again the next day and ended up with a seahorse, a dinosaur and one that was a little obscene! lol
I thought they tasted good though. Skowt didn't think they tasted like donuts. Whatever.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Just want to take a moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Hope you are all enjoying your holiday!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas visitor

Not who we expected to find in our tree this morning.

Hopefully the photo is big enough for you to see the spider web we found at the top our tree this morning.

Hope you all are on your best behavior today. Santa comes tonight!

I'm finished!

Four books. Fifty-seven days. Less than two months. That's some kind of world record for me considering one of the books is over 700 pages.

I'm talking about the Twilight series. I know there are people who read them all in less than a week. I don't know how they did it. I'm amazed at how fast I read them myself. Technically it was a little faster, there was a period of about two weeks where I didn't start the second book, while on my cruise and also waiting for my daughter to finish up the first so we could go to the movie.

It's my new obsession. I loved them and am a bit sad that I'm done.
While searching for info online I found out we had actually been to one of the locations they used for filming in the movie. The waterfall in the baseball scenes in Multnomah Falls in Oregon. We visited the falls in July of 2007 while there to see family. How cool to find out you've been to a place you've seen in a movie, especially one you really like. The kids were excited and Skowt's friends were pretty impressed! Here's my favorite shot I took the day we visited..

I know I posted this back then but here it is again for anyone who didn't see it. I'd love to to back there again someday. Not just because the movie was filmed there (and to try to find some of the other locations) but because I really liked the falls. I even had mentioned while there that it would be cool to live nearby to come back and photograph it during different seasons.
Maybe someday.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fourth Folder Foto

Amy tagged me for this photo meme. Go to the 4th picture folder, choose the 4th picture and post it on your blog.

This is from November of 2007. I was out taking some fall colors photos in a local park. If you're reading and haven't done this one before then consider yourself tagged. Leave me a comment so I can come check yours out!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!

Despite all of Skowt's best efforts we still ended up having a snow day from school today. She insisted we weren't going to have one. She didn't want the winter break to be any longer than it already was, 16 days. Because that was already too long and she thinks she'll be bored.

She set her alarm because she would be getting up for school and she refused to participate in any of the superstitions her friends told her would ensure a snow day.

For future reference, here is all you have to do when you want a snow day from school.

1. Sleep with a spoon under your pillow. (She did not specify what kind, but I'm curious. The bigger the spoon, the more snow?)

2. Flush 7 ice cubes down the toilet. (seven is the magic number I guess.)

3. Sleep with your pajamas on inside out.
and if that's not enough.....

4. Sleep with 2 different socks on, both inside out.

She wasn't sure if you had to do all of them at once but I'm guessing your chances of snow are better if you do all four!

Good luck the next time you need a day off!

Friday, December 12, 2008

I got a new toy!

I'm feeling a little better after my stressing post yesterday. I'm that much closer to having the shopping done. I've got the weekend off to finish and get the tree and cards done (I hope). also helps that before we shopped yesterday we stopped and got me this new toy!

I've been wanting a phone with a full keyboard for awhile now cuz it takes me forever to text 2 words to my kid! Now, no problem.

The best part? Now I have a cooler phone than Skowt. How do I know this? She told me so! She's jealous.

Got my number? Go ahead. Send me a text. I know you wanna!! Anyone else that I correspond with regularly shoot me an email if you wanna exchange numbers.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Two more weeks until Christmas! 2 weeks people!

Have I finished shopping?
Well, I finally got started on shopping yesterday. Whew. Got a good chunk done and we're going out again today. Different direction, different stores. For the most part I have a pretty good idea what I want to get today but there are still a couple difficult people I'm working on. And I still need stocking stuffers, that's always a hard one for me! But hopefully I'll finish up. Well for the most part. Can't shop for my mom when she's with me! I'll need to go out again with the kids on Saturday so they can get something for her and hubby.

Nope. Probably do that Sunday when hubby and I are both off work. Though I heard MORE snow is headed our way. So hope that doesn't interfere.

We usually put those out when we put up the tree. We do have our outdoor lights up on the house thanks to hubby and Tiger. They went out on a nicer day around Thanksgiving to hang those.

Christmas cards?
I've received a few! Haven't sent any yet. I will. *Sigh*

I'm such a big procrastinator it's not even funny! Every year I say it's gonna be different and every year, same old thing. I think I work better under pressure anyway.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Agador Spartacus

My poor kid. (Skowt)

She plays the clarinet in band and this year they have to dress in black pants or skirts, black shoes and white shirts for their performances. She's just like her mom and isn't much into dressing up, so rather than me having to buy a pair of shoes that she'll hardly wear she decided to wear a pair of mine. Usually my shoes fit her, but the particular ones she chose for the outfit are a bit big and according to her make her look like she had granny feet.

Because they're a little big and have the slightest heel, which she is not used to, she tends to walk a little like this guy:

I know we shouldn't laugh. But it is a bit funny! She thinks so too! Even her best friend's mom asked me why she was walking funny.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sparkly Vampires and Super Hero Dogs

So after a super long wait of a whole week and a half, I finally got to go see Twilight today. Skowt and I went to see it this afternoon because it was an early release day at school. Tiger went to see Bolt with my mom. I feel like I saw two movies because Tiger recounted the entire movie to me on the car ride to the restaurant and during dinner.

We loved it! I was a little concerned (as I always am seeing a movie based on a book I liked) about whether I would enjoy it or not. But I was not disappointed at all. Yeah, there were some differences between the movie and the book, but nothing that really affects or changes the flow of the story of Bella and Edward. Skowt actually got up during the most exciting part to go to the bathroom. Huh? you wanna go now? I found out later it was cuz she was feeling a little queasy seeing blood.

Now I can continue reading the rest of the series. Not that I couldn't before but I finished this book so close to the release of the movie that I just wanted to wait and see it before continuing. I'm just weird that way. I didn't want to start confusing the the two. Like with Harry Potter, whenever I discuss it I have to stop and think about what happened in what book. I think the Twilight series is going to become another big favorite of mine just like the HP books and movies.

I must admit that I'm a little worried that I won't like the rest of the series or should I say the outcome of them. From the very few spoilerish things I've let myself read online I'm wondering how the story is played out. The fact that a "team Jacob" even exists scares me!

Yes, I'm becoming obsessed with a series originally geared toward teenage girls. I'm such a dork. I'm totally a 14 year old stuck in a 39 year old's body.

The good thing about that though, is that I can give myself permission to do things that my mom wouldn't let me do! So there!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Merry SITSmas!!

My Girls (Christmas 2007)

I want to wish everyone stopping by today a very Happy Holiday Season! And may the coming year be everything you hope for and more!

THE SECRET IS IN THE SAUCE is having a big holiday party today. If you haven't already been there today stop by and get in on the action. They are giving away prizes every hour and it's a great way to connect with other bloggers. And the best part....the grand prize is getting to be the featured blogger on Friday along with a $200 Target Gift card! I know I could use that this time of year.

Friday, November 28, 2008

My B-list

So I was over at Shannon's blog the other day and she was playing along with a fun little game. You're given a random letter and make up a list of your favorite items beginning with that letter. She gave me the letter "B".

Hmm. A little harder than I thought to come up with 10 things that start with B. At least ten things I would consider a favorite. The first thing that popped into my mind was bananas. Don't know why because I really do not like them at all. Then I couldn't get it out of my head, luckily it paid off because it reminded me of one of my list items.

Anyway, here they are in no particular order:

Bon Jovi- Loved them since the "Runaway" days. I've seen them in concert like 4 or 5 times. Maybe more. And come on. You can't tell me that Jon Bon Jovi isn't still one of the hottest rockers out there!

Blogging- Duh!

Bargains- Who doesn't love a good bargain? I first had BOGO (buy one get one) sales, then changed it to bargains. I do love the buy one get one free sales our grocery store does periodically. But contrary to what my husband DO need to get two of each item to get the discount.

Black Olives- Mmm! I like green olives too, but I LOVE black olives. Much to the dismay of hubby who won't let me near him if I've been eating them.

Brownies- Again. Mmmm! I'm pretty sure chocolate brownies is one of the major food groups.

Birthdays- None of us would be here if it wasn't for our birthday, right? LOL I don't like big major parties but just the acknowledgement and celebration of the day.

Bosco Breadsticks- The third food item on the list. Do you see a trend here? These are breadsticks we order from the Market Day fundraiser at my daughter's school. Breadsticks filled with mozzarella cheese. Big Mmm!

Banana Splits (tv show)- No, NOT food this time! Can we go with past faves? Well, this is my list so I say yes. Remember this?

Bella- Yes, of course! I had to get something in there from Twilight!! Who wouldn't want to be Bella and have Edward fall in love with them?

Babies- No I don't want to have another. We are done. But babies are just the cutest and I love holding them. Haven't had one around in a while.

That was kinda fun. Maybe I'll have to do it again with another letter the next time I'm stuck for blog topics!

Let me know in the comments if you'd like to play along and I'll give you a letter too!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where's the Holiday spirit?

I've been asking myself that the past few days. I don't have any this year. At all.

I don't like when they start playing Christmas music on the radio the first day in November. But usually by now I'm feeling a little more into the season. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving already and I'm not feeling festive at all.

I usually like trying to pick out gifts for family but this year not so much. I don't even feel like shopping. Have barely started. Haven't made a list yet either. I'm never done by Thanksgiving but I usually have a dent or at least a good idea of what I'm getting.

Maybe it's because last winter was so brutal and I can't believe it's back again already. So soon. I hate winter. Why do I live in freakin' Wisconsin anyway?!

Or maybe it's because I've been working more hours lately and I just don't have time to do my normal stuff around here, never mind having to go Christmas shopping or decorate. Tiger asked when we'd be getting a tree. I have no idea and I don't seem to care.

I'm hoping my outlook changes soon! Maybe next week when I don't have to work everyday and I have time to breathe. I really don't know how I ever did it when I used to work full time.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cruising: Days 3 and 4

Saturday our first event didn't start until 11:30 so we slept in a bit. This was the day for the Q & A session with the stars. Rick, Doug, Jackie and Jay sat on stage and answered questions from the crowd. The questions actually went more smoothly than the day before at the acoustic show. They started lines for people to come up to the mic which worked much better than someone walking around with a mic as they did the day before. I think this was one of my favorite parts of the cruise. Rick and Doug were having fun and are hilarious together.

The beach party in Cozumel was scheduled for the afternoon. Unfortunately I have to say this was one of my least favorite parts of the cruise. I had such big expectations for it and it did not live up them at all. They seemed to be unorganized. They didn't start setting up his stage area until our group was there and trying to eat. Then they tell us we need to move the tables we're at so they can set up for him. We then had to clear the area for the second group to have room to eat. So of course they ended up with the prime spots for the concert. We couldn't see a darn thing the entire performance and I have no pictures from this one. The stage was not elevated at all so unless you were right up front you missed out. Then our group had to leave pretty much right after the show to catch the bus back so we also missed out on seeing Rick and the guys during down time on the beach after the show. We did enjoy our time sitting and walking along the beach before the show started, but the entire thing was not worth the extra cost. :(

Sunday we woke up to choppy seas and that did not agree with me at all. I ended up spending a big portion of the late morning and afternoon in bed. I ended up missing our photo session time with the stars. You have no idea how bummed I was (and still am) about that!! Hubby was awesome during the w
hole thing. He went to get John Waite's autograph for me and tried everything he could to get me a second with Rick for a picture. It finally paid off after dinner this night when I was able to get a quick photo.

I finally started feeling better toward the end of the afternoon so I was able to go to the farewell fan appreciation show. The Squirts performed for about 30 minutes and then Rick took the stage. Another great show and he did some songs he's never played live before or hasn't since the 80s. Like my favorite "What Kind Of Fool Am I"!

For the most part it was a wonderful trip and I'm so glad I went. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience. They plan to make it an annual event but the possibility of us doing it again (or being able to afford it again) is pretty slim!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A couple pictures

The pictures I promised in the last post!

Me and Hubby at dinner

Me and Derek after the Lido Deck concert.

Cruising: Days 1 and 2

Time to blogging about my trip or you'll never hear about it. Most of it took place over a week ago! The first day was a welcome concert with John Waite doing an acoustic set. He played for about a half an hour. I did recognize a few songs from Bad English days, including "When I See You Smile" which Hubby and I used on our wedding video. Hubby was able to get John to sign our 45 album of the song later in the week!

Rick did about an hour concert to welcome us all and start the weekend off. Half way through he announced that drinks were on him and they started handing out free ones. Hubby and I don't drink so it made no difference to us!

Late that night was Movie Night with all the stars. Rick, Doug Davidson, Jackie Zeman, Jay Kenneth Johnson and Mark Goodman. I was surprised at how empty the place was. I think many thought it was a full showing of Hard to Hold but it was actually clips from all the actors and they sat on stage making comments about them. It was quite fun. Got a little long after awhile and I think they did cut it short but not sure. Rick kept making comments about how long it was going! And I must say Doug Davidson is and absolute riot. He had everyone cracking up! What a great guy.

Friday we docked in Key West. Hubby and I booked a glass bottom boat tour. That was nice. I took some pics out the bottom of the boat but you can't see much. We also got to see some Bottle nosed Dolphins on our way out to the viewing area. I liked it but now wish we had just spent more time checking out Key West. We didn't have much time to see much of any of it. :( This is a shot of it from the boat.

Friday afternoon was the acoustic show with both John and Rick. They did a spectacular job. They opened it up for requests and questions. Then John did a full concert with Rick's band. Hubby wasn't to interested in that so we didn't stay for that portion. I was OK with it either way. We just walked around and checked out the ship. Then got ready for formal night dinner. We aren't real big on dressing up so we did the absolute minimum but we still fit it. There was quite a range of dress which made me feel much better. I was fretting about it before we left. The ships photography crew was taking pics that night and we did get a good one from that. I will post it soon.
After dinner was a "bonus" concert on the Lido deck out under the open sky. That was pretty cool. It was open to all the ships passengers not just the Rick cruisers. I did see a few others but I think the majority were us Rick fans. Got my picture taken with Derek from the band after this show. I need to edit that one and the dinner pic and will put them up in another post in a few.
I also have pics of all of these events but don't want to overload my posts. If anyone wants to see these go to my profile and email me. I'm in the process of putting them on snapfish by event and can email you as I get them up!

Spending today playing at the water park etc. I will try to get days 2 and 3 up tonight when we get back to the room and settle in.

Friday, November 21, 2008

She Will Be Loved

I've been tagged by Aim at Random Thoughts. It's taken me a couple days but I'm playing along.

1. Put your music on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag ** friends who might enjoy doing the meme as well as the person you got the meme from.

Before I start, be warned there will probably be quite a few Rick Springfield songs on there since most of you know he is my favorite and accounts for a majority of what is on my ipod. Working on creating a more diverse library. Have lots of stuff to add but just haven't gotten to it yet!

WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? "Click Click Click" New Kids on the Block
HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? "Summertime" New Kids on the Block (I do wish it was summer!)
WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO? "Animals" Nickelback (OMG!)
WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? "Human Touch" Rick Springfield
WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN? "Things Can Only Get Better" Howard Jones
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND? "Pink Houses" John Mellencamp
WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? "Harder to Breathe" Maroon 5
WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? "Broken Wings" Rick Springfield
WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE THE PERSON YOU LIKE? "I Don't Want Anything From You" Rick Springfield
WHAT WILL YOU DANCE TO AT YOUR WEDDING? "Girls on Film" Duran Duran (Some of these are just too funny!)
WHAT IS YOUR HOBBY/INTEREST? "Lonely No More" Rob Thomas
WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SECRET? "Like to Get to Know You Well" Howard Jones
WHAT'S THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN? "Love Somebody" Rick Springfield (So not true!)
HOW WILL YOU DIE? "Is There Something I Should Know" Duran Duran (Really? Is there?)
WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU REGRET? "Wasted" Rick Springfield
WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH? "I Love Rock 'N Roll" Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
WHAT MAKES YOU CRY? "New Kid In Town" The Eagles
WILL YOU EVER GET MARRIED? "Follow You Home" Nickelback
WHAT SCARES YOU THE MOST? "Alyson" Rick Springfield (No Ally, if you are reading this, you do not scare me!)
DOES ANYONE LIKE YOU? "Black Hole Sun" Soundgarden
IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN TIME, WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE? "Come on Eileen" Dexy's Midnight Runners
WHAT HURTS RIGHT NOW? "Everything Zen" Bush
WHAT WILL YOU POST THIS AS? "She Will Be Loved" Maroon 5

That was kind of fun. I'm not tagging anyone but if you'd like to take if for your blog, knock yourself out!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Miami Pier and the boat

Bear with me on sharing my cruise trip photos and stories. I'm trying not to spend hours on end on the computer because I have a bunch of other stuff to catch up since coming home. Plus we are going to be gone again this weekend to the WI Dells (I will have my laptop though) so I'm going to go through them and do a few at a time in a bunch of posts as I can instead of one big long post.

Here's hubby and I on the boat before we set sail.

This is the big slide on the Lido deck of the ship. This is the area where Rick Springfield did one of his concerts. It was pretty cool out there seeing a concert at night under the moon.

Hubby goofing around for the emergency drill. Which was a joke. Nobody knew what to do or where to go. They really need to inform you of all this upon check in!

Not sure if this is a vacation resort or condos/apartments along the edge of the Miami pier.

I will also be posting some more of my photos on my photoblog if you want to take a look.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm back!

And I've got something to blog about! Our trip was awesome and I'm going through all the pics. We flew into Florida a day early so we had plenty of time before the cruise just in case we had flight problems. We rented a convertible for the day. We booked for a mustang or similar. Of course no mustangs were available so we got a Chrysler Sebring. Still pretty nice.

While it was fun and all I've decided I'm just not the spontaneous, drive with the top down kind of gal. Here's why:
  1. It's windy and messes up your hair! I made sure I had it tied back before we put the top down.
  2. You might get pooped on by a bird!
  3. You can't have anything laying loose in the car or it might blow away. Like the map you need to refer to when the dang GPS you rented doesn't work!
  4. Nothing is really secure. Anyone could just walk up and grab something right out of the car when you're stopped at a light. Or who knows what else! I'm not used to people wandering around at the stop lights trying to sell you papers and what not.
More to come on our trip!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I've got nothin"!!

Nothing to blog about. Or so I think. Only 3 posts in the past two weeks. I've been pretty scarce.

I knew this day would come where I was at a complete loss for topics. I just feel nothing is worthy of a post lately. I don't want to bore what few readers I do have! Or there are times when I may think of something to post about but change my mind. Worried I might offend or what others will think of me and my opinions. Should I care? Maybe not, but I do.

Let's see.

I could tell you that I totally spaced on my kid today and forgot I had to pick her and a friend up from school at 3pm to drive them to Jazz band. I was aware of it yesterday. And of the fact that I had to work until 3pm. I'm at least 20 minutes from school. Never even dawned on me that it wouldn't work. She called me at 3:03. "Mom, where are you? You were supposed to pick us up for Jazz band."
Hmm. Why do they have Jazz band on a Thursday. Yup, I thought it was Thursday too. Luckily hubby is off work this week for our vacation and he was able to get them there in time. I guess I really need this trip!

I could also tell you that I have no idea why my hubby even carries a cell phone. He hardly ever seems to answer when I call him. Which is not that often, BTW! It's not because he's ignoring me because I call too much. (I think or at least I hope!). When I did finally reach him later in the afternoon and asked about him not answering he says he doesn't keep the phone with him. OK, but don't you check to see if you got calls? He does. So I asked why he didn't call me back. Because I didn't leave a message so it couldn't have been too important. What? Every time I do leave a message you say you didn't listen so I stopped leaving them. I guess he doesn't need to hear it. Just knowing there is one means he needs to return the call? I don't think I'll ever understand how his brain works!

I just realized I almost posted this on my photoblog! Ugh! I really do need to get away. Only 33 more hours until our flight leaves!! See you after I return on the 17th! My *gulp* 39th birthday! I was thinking of doing something special, maybe a giveaway to celebrate. Any ideas?? I need help!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting and other random updates

I voted today! I hope you all did too! Hubby and I went right after Tiger got on the bus. I was expecting a long wait but it was only about 20 minutes. I think that is the shortest we've waited in any presidential election since we moved here. They've been making such a big deal about so many voters turning out that I think a lot of people voted early and that helped with the lines today. My mom actually voted at our city hall yesterday and had a longer wait than we did today.
Oh, and I got my picture taken by a local newspaper photographer while feeding my ballot into the machine. I may just get my 15 minutes of fame yet! lol

Oral surgery: Skowt had her consultation appointment today to find out what is all involved for her upcoming surgery. Looks like we will have to have it done at the hospital because of her diabetes. Still not sure of the total cost, the surgeon is sending all their charges in for pre-authorization but we were told the hospital is unable to do that because there may be unexpected charges that come up depending on how things go. Yippee. They did give us a ball park on what the hospital charges usually are though and that they didn't think there would be a problem with them being covered but you just never know!

Cruisin': We leave for our cruise one week from tomorrow! We fly in a day early and will be renting a car. Hubby had to go for the Mustang. He said I got my cruise, he gets a Mustang for a day. I guess I can give him that! I can't wait! I still have a bunch of stuff to do before then so I'm getting a little panicked, but I'm sure I'll get it taken care of. I usually work better under pressure. I probably won't be blogging while I'm gone, but keep an eye on my twitter updates on my sidebar or click on the follow me link. I'll hopefully be able to send some updates by text.

Work: The main reason I have so much to get done is because of work. I've been working a lot more hours than usual. I'm so not used to this. I've worked 5 out of the last 6 days. I don't know how I used to work full time with two little kids! I've got so much on my to do list and I can't get to it! Drives me crazy. Then when I do have some time I don't feel like it.

Twilight update: So I'm still reading, though not as quickly as I'd hoped and predicted (see above). But I am liking it so far. Looking forward to getting it done and seeing the movie. Though since I've already seen pics and trailers from the movie that of course influences my perception of the characters. I mean I am picturing them in my head as the actors that play them rather than forming my own idea. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Sometimes you have a picture in your head and then you see who they pick to portray them and it totally ruins it for you. Speaking of the movie, if you are the first to get in and purchase at 10pm Central on November 7th, you could have this Once in a lifetime package for a mere $9500!

Diabetes Awareness: And last but not least, November is National Diabetes Awareness month. Click on the link if you'd like to find out more, get involved or help "Kiss Diabetes Goodbye!" Insulin is NOT a cure!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday: Halloween Edition


I found this while going through some boxes looking for pictures and flashback ideas. It's the first page of a Halloween story I wrote in either Kindergarten or 1st grade. The writing is kind of hard read with my coloring over it so here's what it says:

Once thar was to pumkins siting in the yerd. Than some body squoshet them. Then the necst moning. I looked out the windo and I saw that they wher squoshet and. I got so mad.

I left in all the spelling and punctuation mistakes. That was hard to type! And spell check didn't like it either!

I apologize to any of you whose blog I haven't visited or commented on lately! I've been working more hours. Someone left, another person is working her 2nd shift hours so I've been getting the open 1st shift hours. I don't know how I used to do it working full time.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Twilight madness

So I decided to jump on the Twilight band wagon and started reading the other night. I've seen it mentioned on so many blogs lately I wanted to see what it was all about.

I've been planning to read if for a while now but had to finish Harry Potter first. I'm just not that good to have two going at once! I was rereading books 1-6 and then read number 7 for the first time. I still can't believe I waited over a year and a half to read the last book! I think I was Ok with it since I knew it was the last one and was sad to see it end. As I was reading, the more I wanted to read but on the other hand the closer I got to the end the more bummed I got knowing it was the end of the road for the HP story. Maybe someday she could continue on with the story of his kids or something! Wishful thinking? lol

Anyway, my mom bought all four of the Twilight books about a month ago. She started reading the first one and couldn't make it through. I'm still going to try myself and not make a judgement based on her reaction. She can be a pretty tough judge when it comes to books.

I want to get the first one read by the time the movie comes out so I can go see it. So lets see, I'm two chapters in. Twenty two to go and what twenty four days until the movie. It's doable. I'm a slow reader by the way. Not slow as in speed of actually reading the words. Slow as in I only read 20-30 minutes a day. Depending on the day and my mood. So it takes me quite a while to get through a book sometimes. I'm not one to get all wrapped up in a book and read all night. I'll usually end up falling asleep in my book!

Friday, October 24, 2008

FB Friday (sorta): The Kids are all Grown Up!

As seen by:

  • Their bodies (they've all aged matured quite nicely,)
  • Their voices and singing
  • Their songs and lyrics
  • Their gyrating and "Dirty Dancing"
  • The multiple crotch grabs throughout the night!

Picture this: All five guys in dark suits and hats, lined up at the front of the stage. A synchronized pelvic thrust and crotch grab during the song "Grown Man"!

"I'm a give you some Grown Man!"

Yeah, hot!

So here is my flashback part of the post. The Right Stuff video from, I think 1988:

Here's the video I took of them Wednesday night singing it:

Not too bad for row SSS

I had asked my friend A what her favorite song was so I could record it. It was this one and "I'll be Loving You Forever". OK. Got it. And I was supposed to take a little video while they were on the revolving stage too. Well, she had to nudge me each time because I, of course, didn't recognize them as fast as she did. Then I never did get anything from the other stage. I think I got caught up in the OMG they're right there moment!

Our seats were maybe half way back on the floor and there was an enclosed area right near us with something covered and some security guards inside it. She went over before the show and asked if it was a stage and they said yes. So we knew they'd be coming out there at some point. There were people with wrist bands who were allowed to come right down to the stage so when they appeared she left our seats and went up there too. I stayed where I was so I could get some pics and not be squished. For some reason I was having issues with the flash not going off. Then some B**** came from who knows where and stood up on a chair right it front of me and the girls next to me. She was asked a couple times but would not get down. I hate when people do that!

Anyway, A got to touch Jordan and Jon while up there. They were leaning over and grabbing hands. She also got a point and nod from Donnie, she thought it was cuz he liked here tattoo. She has a big one on her right upper arm with skulls and swirls and stuff.

I admit I wasn't sure about going. I was a little "old" for them at the time they were popular. Meaning I was a senior in High School! lol Even though they are all about my age. But I did know of them and their songs. My cousin was a big fan and I remember her watching and dancing to their videos. But, I did have a great time. It really was a great show. I even bought their new CD on the way out. Yup, they sucked me in! They did quite a few of them from the new one during the show and I liked them. We listened to it on the way home but I have yet to have a chance to listen again. I don't even have it in my possession right now. She bought the greatest hits and took them both home because we planned to "share" and I haven't seen her since. I should have just came home and bought it on itunes!