Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy List #2


This week...

I'm happy because
Men of a Certain Age is back on for the summer!  Scott Bakula is still a hottie!!

I'm happy because
Things are going better than I had imagined with our new kitty!  I of course was worried he was going to disrupt things around here and not get along with us.  Well,  ME really.  But we all seem to be taking to him well and he has settled in nicely to his new home.  

I'm happy because
Even though she just turned 12, she still is willing to hold mom's hand.  Sometimes.  The circumstances need to be just right.  I'll take what I can get.

I'm happy because
My daughter is happy.  We got a call Thursday that Skowt's clarinet (mentioned in last week's happy list) was finished and ready to be picked up.  Her face just lit up and she wanted it now!  Luckily we were heading out that way already so after our stop at the mall we went and got it.  She looked like she couldn't stop smiling.  She didn't seem so excited when we first found it a few weeks ago, but now that it's all fixed up and playable she seems excited to have a "new to her" instrument!

She's such a band geek!  I guess she takes after her mom!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday: Week 10


Hosted by: Impulsive Addict, Janette, Mamarazzi and Seriously Shawn

1}  What is the best or worst pick up line you have ever been given?

Gosh, I don't know that I've ever really had a bad pick up line used on me personally.  I'm not sure if I should feel lucky or just plain sad that no one's tried to pick me up that way!

2} What is your most and least favorite day of the week?

Most favorite is probably Sunday.  It's usually the only day that my hubby doesn't ever work.  Unless there's some big order their working on and trying to get done or it's a really busy time of year.  So that is usually our family day to do things together.

Least favorite, especially during the school year is Monday.  Getting back into the routine of the week after a lazy weekend and having to get up early!  yuck.

3}  How many hours of sleep do you require each night?

I've always loved my sleep so the more the better.  Though I usually get about 7-8 hours in.  It would also be nice if I didn't have to get up at least once a night to pee!!!!!

4}  Is there a song that takes you back in time? What song is it and what memory is it attached to?

Anything from the 80s takes me right back to high school and hanging with my friends, Friday night dances.....especially Billy Idol's "Mony Mony".  We're not the only ones who added those extra lyrics are we?

The other song that always comes to mind is Supertramp's "The Logical Song".  

It always reminds me of a road trip I took when I was like 9 or 10 with my parents, my aunt and uncle to Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire.  We lived in Massachusetts so I think it was just a day trip.  But I remember riding in the back of my mom's little red Chevette.  Falling asleep in the hatchback and waking up with black lines from the plastic flooring all over one side of my body.  We hiked to the top of the mountain.  I remember picnicking along the way and stopping at a stream for water.  

Good Times.  Good song.
I get goose bumps every time I hear it.

5}What is your biggest guilty pleasure? 

I'd have to say young adult novels.  Yeah, I'm not a young adult anymore!!  But I got sucked in to Twilight and lately have been reading the Mortal Instruments series and I have a few more on my to read list.  What can I say?  I'm young at heart....??

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'd like you to meet.....


Yes, his name is Ishkabibble.  Interesting name for a cat right?  He's Ishy for short.  The previous owner's named him and he knows his name so we decided to keep it.  Although I am spelling it differently than they did.  I had googled it to find out just what it meant and the other spelling had some connections with smoking and drugs so I decided we'd change it up.

This one basically means "whatever, who cares".  I guess it was started in the 1930s.  My aunt tells me my grandmother used to say it all the time but I'm not sure I remember that!  Maybe she's the one who led us to this cat, though I don't remember her liking cats much.

Anyway, we got him from a local family.  The woman had gotten him as a kitten for her son.  Turns out she was allergic and she just couldn't take it anymore so they decided to give him up.


We were originally going to give it a few weeks or more to find one at the shelter but my hubby is all about Craig's list lately.  He decided to look to see if anyone was selling the supplies we'd need like litter box, toys etc.  Well, he ended up looking at the cats available and found this one.  He was listed the day before our little anniversary trip.  He told the kids if it was still available when we got back we'd call.  He got re-listed the day we got back so we called on Friday morning and went to meet him Friday afternoon.

He's now a member of our family.  I've actually been taking to the whole thing quite well.  He likes a bit of attention but he's not a touchy feely snuggly cat so that works out well for me!!  He usually just wants you to throw his ball around or dangle his toys so he can bat them around.    

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy List


I've been lurking around the HAPPY list for some time now.  I think it's about time I start trying to participate.  I tend to gravitate toward the negative side of everything which causes me to be not happy too often.  I think I need to consciously start finding the positive and be more HAPPY.  

I'm HAPPY  because:
Last Sunday we dragged the kids to a flea market.  I know, we are such awful parents.  My oldest daughter had made Wind Symphony at school and needs to upgrade to a wooden clarinet.  We ended up finding a nice one for $40!!!!   

We'll have to put in another $225 to have it oiled, re-corked and padded, but I'm OK with that.  We'd have at least that much in to rent one for just one year.  And the guy at the music store said once it's in playing condition they could sell it for around $500.  
I think it was a great unexpected find! YAY!


I'm HAPPY because:
My husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary this past week!  We didn't do much, just got a hotel in Green Bay and did some sight seeing and wandering around Door County.  But we had fun getting away for a couple nights and being together.

I had originally wanted to take a big trip but we just couldn't afford it, so as my hubby kept telling me.......It doesn't matter what we do as long as we are together!

Say it with me, "Awww"!  


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

20 Years and Counting

Today we celebrate the big 2-OH!
20 years of good and bad.
20 years of Love!
Happy Anniversary!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Here Kitty Kitty..........

My daughter's birthday was a little over a month ago.  If you saw that post you know we told her we were finally going to let her get a dog.

I thought I was OK with that.  But no matter how I tried I was still concerned that I wouldn't be able to deal with it.  All the training and barking and walking............. oh my!  

In the mean time we've had some things come up financially that have worried me and was I concerned as to whether we could afford the dog.

We decided all we could do was sit her down and try to talk to her rationally and let her know we'd have to delay the adoption until we had some bills paid off.  She was crushed.  We broke her fragile little heart.  I was crushed for her.

We told her we still owed her a birthday gift for this year because of it but there was nothing she wanted.  Could you think of anything if your heart was just broken?  So I suggested the cell phone she's been asking for.  We went out that day and she picked one out.  It perked her right up.  She loves that phone.

Hubby noticed she was taking photos of some cats she has on her calendar and putting them as her phone's wallpaper.  So he asked if I'd be OK with a cat.  The fee to adopt them is lower and we could possibly get some of the supplies we needed from his mom who has had cats all her life.  It would be kept indoors, we wouldn't have to worry about walking it, they are much quieter and from what I've seen of the cats my family members have had less needy for attention than dogs are.  

Yeah, just my luck we'll get the most needy, psycho cat alive!!  

Anyway, I agreed.  I think I can handle a cat.  I'm feeling much better about that decision.  We ran it by her and she took to the idea.  So now we are planning to adopt a cat.  

We have a "cat fund" started that she's been putting most of her allowance in.  We even went to the humane society yesterday to fill out the application form.  We looked around at the ones available and she fell in love with about 5 of them.  

Cat Dancer 301 Cat Charmer Interactive Cat Toy

We aren't quite ready to adopt yet.  Hubby and I will be out of town for a couple days for our anniversary.  Plus we need to look into getting all the supplies and take a while to add to that cat fund before we actually take the leap.  

I'll introduce you all to our new family member as soon as it's a go and we pick one out!  

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Please excuse the mess

I was starting to get sick of the old look of my blog.  In fact, I've been sick of it for quite a while now.  

I get bored easily with stuff like that! 

So last night I started playing around with the new blogger templates.   Well, at least they are new to me since I last changed my blog.  Don't know how long they've been there.

Sure, it would be cool to have a personalized custom layout but I just don't have the funds for that.  And knowing me I'd probably get sick of it after 6 months and want to change it up and feel guilty. 

So I'm just gonna stick with the free layout sites and the blogger templates for now.  I'm fine with it and I don't feel bad about changing it up when I'm sick of it.

I apologize in advance though if over the next few days, or possibly weeks, my blog is looking wonky or if every time you stop by it's different.  I have a really hard time making up my mind!  

I went through every single template last night.  Then couldn't remember where the ones were I kinda liked.  Then really couldn't decide once I narrowed it down.  I picked one but not sure if it will stick.  

Then I started going through the fonts.  It could take forever to pick one!  I want something a bit more quirky but still readable!  Some of them are really hard on the eyes!

And colors.....

Decisions, decisions!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday: Week 8


Hosted by: Impulsive Addict, Janette, Mamarazzi and Seriously Shawn

1} Everyone seems to have a quirky family situation-- what is something unique about your family dynamic?

Hmm, not sure if I totally understand what you're looking for.  I think my family is pretty normal as far as families go. 

2} What is the most stressful aspect to blogging (aside from the network going down)?

I have a couple.

First, is coming up with things to blog about!  Take a look.  I haven't blogged in over two weeks.  That (and the fact that I just wasn't feeling like it) is the main reason.

Second, is keeping up with all the blogs I follow.  There are lot of 'em and I don't always feel like I have time for them.  Many of the ones I follow I rarely comment on :(  I skim through them in Google reader.

Along with that goes reciprocating on the blogs of people who visit and comment on mine.  Sometimes I'll post a blog and then something comes up at home and I feel bad if I can't answer or visit them right away.

3} We all end up on a blog at some point in our day, but name your top 3 favorite websites you flock to daily (non blog)!

Facebook....doesn't everybody flock there?

Twitter....yes I usually check on the web because I'm still behind the times and don't have a smart phone yet.  I've been wanting to get my hands on an iPhone.  Soon.  I hope.  My MIL has one and it's killing me!!

Yahoo and Gmail..... I'm always checking my email

4} What’s your sign?  Believe in it or not, does any part ring true to you?

Scorpio, November 11th
Scorpio is the most intensive, obsessive and turbulent sign in the zodiac....................Yeah, I'd definitely have to agree with that!  Though if I continue reading not everything holds true.  I'd say it's about half and half.  

5} IceCream!! ICECREAM!! We all scream for icecream! Name your favorite flavor/brand! (Its hot here, can't help it)

My favorite is really not ice cream, it's frozen custard from Culver's
Carmel Cashew!  Yummy.  It's got my sweet and my salty!

And going with BONUS question B....

B} Suggest a question you want to see in future WWTKs!

Have you ever met a celebrity?  If so, who, when, where, how?  If not, who would you like to meet and why?