Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'd like you to meet.....


Yes, his name is Ishkabibble.  Interesting name for a cat right?  He's Ishy for short.  The previous owner's named him and he knows his name so we decided to keep it.  Although I am spelling it differently than they did.  I had googled it to find out just what it meant and the other spelling had some connections with smoking and drugs so I decided we'd change it up.

This one basically means "whatever, who cares".  I guess it was started in the 1930s.  My aunt tells me my grandmother used to say it all the time but I'm not sure I remember that!  Maybe she's the one who led us to this cat, though I don't remember her liking cats much.

Anyway, we got him from a local family.  The woman had gotten him as a kitten for her son.  Turns out she was allergic and she just couldn't take it anymore so they decided to give him up.


We were originally going to give it a few weeks or more to find one at the shelter but my hubby is all about Craig's list lately.  He decided to look to see if anyone was selling the supplies we'd need like litter box, toys etc.  Well, he ended up looking at the cats available and found this one.  He was listed the day before our little anniversary trip.  He told the kids if it was still available when we got back we'd call.  He got re-listed the day we got back so we called on Friday morning and went to meet him Friday afternoon.

He's now a member of our family.  I've actually been taking to the whole thing quite well.  He likes a bit of attention but he's not a touchy feely snuggly cat so that works out well for me!!  He usually just wants you to throw his ball around or dangle his toys so he can bat them around.    


Amy said...

Awww, he's a cutie. Strange name, I have to admit! LOL!

Good to hear you are all adjusting!

Johanson Family said...

aw!! how fun!!! Give him a q-tip and watch him have fun! my cat used to carry one in his mouth all the time-- he got his name Ciggs and earned it well with the way he carried them around... they're easily amused!! :) he's cute!!Ishy!