Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy List #2


This week...

I'm happy because
Men of a Certain Age is back on for the summer!  Scott Bakula is still a hottie!!

I'm happy because
Things are going better than I had imagined with our new kitty!  I of course was worried he was going to disrupt things around here and not get along with us.  Well,  ME really.  But we all seem to be taking to him well and he has settled in nicely to his new home.  

I'm happy because
Even though she just turned 12, she still is willing to hold mom's hand.  Sometimes.  The circumstances need to be just right.  I'll take what I can get.

I'm happy because
My daughter is happy.  We got a call Thursday that Skowt's clarinet (mentioned in last week's happy list) was finished and ready to be picked up.  Her face just lit up and she wanted it now!  Luckily we were heading out that way already so after our stop at the mall we went and got it.  She looked like she couldn't stop smiling.  She didn't seem so excited when we first found it a few weeks ago, but now that it's all fixed up and playable she seems excited to have a "new to her" instrument!

She's such a band geek!  I guess she takes after her mom!


Nicole said...

Great post! I am smiling right along with you guys!

Amy said...

I love these positive, happy posts. I should do one!

Glad the kitty is working out for you all, that's great :)

Brenna said...

My daughter is almost 9- I still cherish the few times she will come up and sleep with me at night- cause those times are few & far between now:(