Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday: Week 10


Hosted by: Impulsive Addict, Janette, Mamarazzi and Seriously Shawn

1}  What is the best or worst pick up line you have ever been given?

Gosh, I don't know that I've ever really had a bad pick up line used on me personally.  I'm not sure if I should feel lucky or just plain sad that no one's tried to pick me up that way!

2} What is your most and least favorite day of the week?

Most favorite is probably Sunday.  It's usually the only day that my hubby doesn't ever work.  Unless there's some big order their working on and trying to get done or it's a really busy time of year.  So that is usually our family day to do things together.

Least favorite, especially during the school year is Monday.  Getting back into the routine of the week after a lazy weekend and having to get up early!  yuck.

3}  How many hours of sleep do you require each night?

I've always loved my sleep so the more the better.  Though I usually get about 7-8 hours in.  It would also be nice if I didn't have to get up at least once a night to pee!!!!!

4}  Is there a song that takes you back in time? What song is it and what memory is it attached to?

Anything from the 80s takes me right back to high school and hanging with my friends, Friday night dances.....especially Billy Idol's "Mony Mony".  We're not the only ones who added those extra lyrics are we?

The other song that always comes to mind is Supertramp's "The Logical Song".  

It always reminds me of a road trip I took when I was like 9 or 10 with my parents, my aunt and uncle to Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire.  We lived in Massachusetts so I think it was just a day trip.  But I remember riding in the back of my mom's little red Chevette.  Falling asleep in the hatchback and waking up with black lines from the plastic flooring all over one side of my body.  We hiked to the top of the mountain.  I remember picnicking along the way and stopping at a stream for water.  

Good Times.  Good song.
I get goose bumps every time I hear it.

5}What is your biggest guilty pleasure? 

I'd have to say young adult novels.  Yeah, I'm not a young adult anymore!!  But I got sucked in to Twilight and lately have been reading the Mortal Instruments series and I have a few more on my to read list.  What can I say?  I'm young at heart....??


Stephy said...

Don't feel sad you've never had a lame pick up line to you. They're just that - lame.

Sundays with the hubby are the best day! Hands down!!!

I love to read! Books, books, and more books! Young Adult novels can be so fun! It takes you back =)

Nadine Hightower said...

me too. I've read all the teen books and I'm so ready for something more adult. I have read all the Sookie Stackhouse novels and I LOVE THEM!!!

Megan said...

Dude, I feel ya on the YA novels. I have a seriously unhealthy obsession with books and those suck me in!

Teena in Toronto said...

Great questions and answers! I love Supertramp!

Happy blogoversary :)