Thursday, June 9, 2011

Please excuse the mess

I was starting to get sick of the old look of my blog.  In fact, I've been sick of it for quite a while now.  

I get bored easily with stuff like that! 

So last night I started playing around with the new blogger templates.   Well, at least they are new to me since I last changed my blog.  Don't know how long they've been there.

Sure, it would be cool to have a personalized custom layout but I just don't have the funds for that.  And knowing me I'd probably get sick of it after 6 months and want to change it up and feel guilty. 

So I'm just gonna stick with the free layout sites and the blogger templates for now.  I'm fine with it and I don't feel bad about changing it up when I'm sick of it.

I apologize in advance though if over the next few days, or possibly weeks, my blog is looking wonky or if every time you stop by it's different.  I have a really hard time making up my mind!  

I went through every single template last night.  Then couldn't remember where the ones were I kinda liked.  Then really couldn't decide once I narrowed it down.  I picked one but not sure if it will stick.  

Then I started going through the fonts.  It could take forever to pick one!  I want something a bit more quirky but still readable!  Some of them are really hard on the eyes!

And colors.....

Decisions, decisions!


Amy said...

This one looks nice. I had looked through them a while back, I need to look again. Of course the one I have is a PAID FOR, so getting rid of it doesn't seem right. Ugh!

Good luck!

Johanson Family said...

I was excited to get my blog done by a gal and the process was not fun but I loved the outcome-- but to be honest, I'm like you-- I get bored easy and sortof get tired of it.

I'll redo it maybe for my birthday-- seems like an easy gift for the hubs to give me and I get what I want!

Mamarazzi said...

looks great! i am having a hard time with some of the new fonts. i nearly go cross eyed reading blogs!