Monday, June 13, 2011

Here Kitty Kitty..........

My daughter's birthday was a little over a month ago.  If you saw that post you know we told her we were finally going to let her get a dog.

I thought I was OK with that.  But no matter how I tried I was still concerned that I wouldn't be able to deal with it.  All the training and barking and walking............. oh my!  

In the mean time we've had some things come up financially that have worried me and was I concerned as to whether we could afford the dog.

We decided all we could do was sit her down and try to talk to her rationally and let her know we'd have to delay the adoption until we had some bills paid off.  She was crushed.  We broke her fragile little heart.  I was crushed for her.

We told her we still owed her a birthday gift for this year because of it but there was nothing she wanted.  Could you think of anything if your heart was just broken?  So I suggested the cell phone she's been asking for.  We went out that day and she picked one out.  It perked her right up.  She loves that phone.

Hubby noticed she was taking photos of some cats she has on her calendar and putting them as her phone's wallpaper.  So he asked if I'd be OK with a cat.  The fee to adopt them is lower and we could possibly get some of the supplies we needed from his mom who has had cats all her life.  It would be kept indoors, we wouldn't have to worry about walking it, they are much quieter and from what I've seen of the cats my family members have had less needy for attention than dogs are.  

Yeah, just my luck we'll get the most needy, psycho cat alive!!  

Anyway, I agreed.  I think I can handle a cat.  I'm feeling much better about that decision.  We ran it by her and she took to the idea.  So now we are planning to adopt a cat.  

We have a "cat fund" started that she's been putting most of her allowance in.  We even went to the humane society yesterday to fill out the application form.  We looked around at the ones available and she fell in love with about 5 of them.  

Cat Dancer 301 Cat Charmer Interactive Cat Toy

We aren't quite ready to adopt yet.  Hubby and I will be out of town for a couple days for our anniversary.  Plus we need to look into getting all the supplies and take a while to add to that cat fund before we actually take the leap.  

I'll introduce you all to our new family member as soon as it's a go and we pick one out!  


Amy said...

Awww, let me know how that goes. I have considered both...a dog and a cat. I do not want any furniture messed up or wires I can't commit.

The little phrase you wrote, "we broke her fragile little heart" reminded me of a certain someone's song lyrics...HA!

font looks nice, but only when I click onto your page, in the reader it was the same as before.

Johanson Family said...

I used to pray every night as a kid---ending each prayer--- 'and I pray for the cats and kitten, the one I wish I had'... when I got to college, I GOT ONE! I was so ready for that snuggly cat and loving lil purr pet. I think I found the antichrist in cats. He bit me, scratched me and 10 years of life with him.. as much as I loved him... I had to let him go. Cried my eyes out. His name was Ciggs. My son and I pray about him each night... hoping he was placed with a good home. They are DEF easier than dogs but I SURE HOPE AND PRAY you get blessed with the cuddly one!!

Johanson Family said...

and yay for you for signing up for Pinterest!