Friday, January 30, 2009

Flashback Friday: Meeting hubby

I started Flashback Friday back in October with the intent of doing it weekly but somehow it only lasted a month. I was thinking about it at work today and decided to start it back up.

Today, since it's only a couple days away from the anniversary of our first date, I'll share the not so exciting story of how I met hubby.

It was our senior year in high school, September 1986. My best friend at the time and his best friend at the time were both working at Kmart and started dating. She helped me get a job there about a week after his friend helped him get a job there. I saw him around for a few weeks, she told me he was her boyfriend's best friend. I was like "yeah, whatever".

Her and I went to a different school than they did. We had free hour at the same time so would spend it in the school snack bar goofing off and chatting. One day she started saying that him and I should go out. I didn't want to. Had no interest in him. In fact, really didn't like him so much. She kept on me about it for weeks but I wasn't interested.

Until..............he went out on a couple dates with another girl that work there too. What? He's going out with her? Why? What does he see in her? That's when my interest started and we both kinda started flirting with each other. I remember him coming into the department I worked one night and he had some scissors in his hand and he threatened to cut my hair!
I worked in layaway which was at the back of the store. You had to go past it to get to the break room. I started noticing when he'd go on break and conveniently started having to go to the bathroom or get something out of my locker during that time.

My friend finally got us to go out for pizza together with her and her bf. He asked me out after that and on February 3, 1987 we went on our first "official" date. He took me to Red Lobster for dinner and then we went to see Critical Condition with Richard Pryor.

Here is probably one of the first pictures of us together. Taken a couple weeks after we started dating before the Senior Formal dance at my school.

Dig those coke bottle glasses!! Was trying to figure out what my dad was watching in the background but it's too small.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Big 4-0

Later this year (November 17th to be exact) I'll be turning the big 4-0!

I've been thinking about it quite a bit lately. Well, since I turned 39 two months ago.

I was discussing it with a coworker who turns 30 this year. She's all freaked out about turning 30 and wants to live it up this year. She thinks I should do the same and do everything she does. Trust me, that ain't gonna happen. She's a tad on the wild side and has already done at least one thing I want no part of. Who know what else she's up to. I am considering that tattoo though ;)

Anyway, 30 didn't really bother me. It was no big deal. But 40? That's a different story. That just sounds older. I don't feel like I should be 40 already! There are things I haven't done yet and not sure if I ever will.

I'm starting to have thoughts like "Where has the time gone?" "What have I accomplished?" "Now what?" "Is this it?" I'm starting to wonder if I should have done things differently, made different choices.

I guess when I was younger I thought I would have had it figured out by now. Knew what I wanted to do with my life, had that "dream" job. But I don't. It can get kind of depressing.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this post. Guess I just wanted to get it out. Any thoughts? Advice?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tupperware gremlins?

This is really starting to annoy me! I've noticed quite a few missing pieces lately.

There is one bowl and lid that are both missing. Can't find it anywhere. The only thing I can think of is my hubby left it at work. Yet he claims, no he INSISTS it was not him. But he is the only one who ever removes it from the house when he takes it to work.

I have random covers with no bottoms. I have random bottoms with no covers. Where do these things go? Are my kids actually losing them between the sink/dishwasher and the cabinet when putting them away? Highly unlikely but I wouldn't put it past Tiger!

There must be Tupperware gremlins living in this house that sneak them when we aren't looking.

They must be friends with the sock gremlins who live in the dryer!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where's Lynn?

It's kind of like where's Waldo but not nearly as fun!

I know, my blog is quickly becoming the most boring blog on the block lately because I haven't been around it much. Not because I'm super busy, but because I'm not.

January is a pretty boring month. Not much going on. At least for me. So of course not much to talk about.

The kids had two days off of school last week because of the insanely cold weather. One was happy, the other not so much because that means extra days at the end of the year. It worked out perfectly though because my brother and niece were in town so they got some extra time with their cousin on Friday.

We all went to see 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' on Saturday. Funny movie! Kevin James cracks me up. Have I ever told you about my brother and what he's like...........just think Kevin James. They could be brothers. Seriously.
First time in a long time that I went to a movie on opening weekend. Super crowded. And my family wonders why I like to get there early.

Took Skowt for her 3 month diabetes check up yesterday. Everything is looking good. We need a couple little insulin adjustments but they said her numbers still look great. I think we are falling into a false sense of security though. I think she's going to come out of her honeymoon phase (where her body is temporarily still producing a small amt. of insulin) and we won't know what hit us!

Inauguration day today! Did you all watch? I must say this is the FIRST time I have ever watched any part of the inauguration, never mind pretty much the entire thing. We had it on all morning.

And of course now as I type this our HRV unit on the furnace is making it's squeaking noise! Not a peep out of it when the guy was here to check on it 2.5 hours ago!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Satisfaction is...

Kicking the frozen snow chunks from behind your car's tires.
The bigger the chunk the more satisfaction you get.
Just trying to find the pleasure in the little things!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So many movies....

So little time. Yeah, just look at the 74 titles on my Netflix queue (about 15 of those are tv series with multiple discs per season), but it's still a lot. I bet I could add more too, I've been trying to keep it under control because I can't keep up. The good part is, I always have something around to watch if I'm up for a movie.

We watched quite a few movies while on winter break, but now we have 3 that have been just sitting here for the last week, along with this blog I've been ignoring. No wonder I don't have many readers!

What did you watch you ask? Or not. So I'm asking for you.

1. A Christmas Story: What's Christmas without watching Ralphie dress up like a deranged Easter Bunny and then shoot his eye out?! Not hard to miss with the 24 hour marathon.

2. Elf: Not a favorite but again, when it's on for 24 hours in a row you can't help but see part of it.

3. Return to Me: I liked it. It was kind of sad the way their situation came about but still cute.

4. Journey to the Center of the Earth: We saw this once in the theater but the kids loved it so we got it again.

5. Mummy Returns: Brendan Fraser again. I think this was on tv right after we watched Journey so that was weird. That seems to happen a lot to me. We'll watch a DVD and then within hours or days another movie with the same actor will pop up on tv.

6. Star Wars - Attack of the Clones: With my hubby in the house you can't not turn on any of the Star Wars movies if they're on.

7. Iron Man: I started watching but it just didn't hold my interest. I know it was pretty popular but I didn't really care for it. Or maybe I just wasn't in a movie mood.

8. Definitely Maybe: This was OK. I remember wanting to see it when it first came out and saw previews. I guess it wasn't exactly what I expected.

9. 21: I really liked this. Hubby and I are moving to Vegas to become professional gamblers!!

10. Twilight: Um, I may or may not have seen this one another time or two during the past few weeks. (im)patiently waiting for the release of the DVD.

11. Bedtime Stories: Took the kids to see this one afternoon. Pretty cute movie. I normally don't like Adam Sandler, but he kind of toned it down for this one so it wasn't half bad.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today was a good day

Mom and I went down to the casino, like we usually do every month or two. For the first time in a long time I actually came out with more money than I walked in with! $170 more! Yay me!

Then we went to a new Shopko in the area and I found some cool Chilly Willy PJ bottoms on clearance. Remember this guy?

Next stop was Walmart. I think this next photo speaks for itself. I just had to laugh. And stop and take a pic on my cell!

So funny how someone came along and fixed it!

Monday, January 5, 2009


They seem to get more interesting all the time around here.

Skowt has decided to do yoga each morning before school. She came home one day before Christmas break going on and on about gym class and how they were learning yoga. She loved it. She "felt so much happiness inside". Yup, those are her exact words. She started rambling about finding her chi. Well, if it makes a teen girl happy it must be good right?

So today was her first day back to school and she set her alarm 30 minutes earlier than normal. Said I didn't have to get up with her that early because she was just gonna get up and do her thing. OK, fine. So I got up at the normal time. I went into her room thinking I'd find that girl with the happiness inside. Nope. Not so much. She was her typical crabby morning self. Guess she didn't find her chi this morning.

Forty five minutes later it's time to get up her sister, Tiger. She was in an unusually good mood for this time of morning. But man is she getting to be quite the girly girl! She takes longer than any of us in the bathroom in the morning (and at night after a shower). She has to do her hair and jewelry, spray her little fruity body spray.

Where did she get that girly-ness from? Certainly not her mother! lol
She also asked me to start wearing mascara the other day.

Um, I dont think so.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello 2009

Three days in and I'm just making my first post of the year. Well, so far, so good. The first three days have been nice. Been spending some quality time with the kids and hubby before he has to go back to working a zillion hours a week.

In fact he's waiting on me to head upstairs to lounge on the couch and watch another movie right now. But just wanted to get that first post out of the way and wish everyone a

Very Happy New Year!!