Saturday, May 31, 2008

Photo Hunt: Self

Me and My Shadow

I wanted to go for something a little different since I normally don't like photos of myself. Who does?! So this is what I came up with. Any of the neighbors who saw me out it the yard must have thought I'd lost it. Sitting on the patio randomly taking photos from above my head, then running inside to check them out on my LCD because it was too bright to see them clearly outside. If you want to see a real photo of me there is one of me and hubby a couple posts down.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dells Adventure, Day 1

This weekend worked out great because it was the first Saturday in a long time that Hubby didn't have to work. We were able to leave in the morning rather than waiting until he got off work. He wanted to be on the road by 10 am........I think we pulled out of the driveway at 10:05. Hey, I had to do one last check to make sure we had everything!

It's about and hour and 15 minute drive from our house to the Dells. It turned out to be a great day for a drive, warm and sunny. We'd been watching the weather and were concerned about rain for the whole weekend.

Our first stop when we got there was for lunch at a fairly new place called Buffalo Phil's Grille. Tiger just loves the delivery vehicle..

After lunch we went to the adjoining Bowling and Entertainment center called Knuckleheads. You can connect to their website through the Phil's link above. We got in a game of bowling and played a bunch of the arcade games. Here's daddy and the kids goofing around between frames.

And yes, we even snuck in a pic of me, Skowt took this one.

After we were done there it was time to go check out our resort. We stayed at the Chula Vista for the first time. It was nice, I'd go back again. It was kind of off the beaten path, not right in the busy area of the Dells, right along upper part of the Dells and the Wisconsin River. This is the building our room was in.

There was one other like ours, basically with just hotel rooms. There was a building of bigger condos and across the street there were some golf condos/villas around the golf course. After our tour of the place it was water park time. Tiger had been dying to go all day. Here is the outdoor part as seen from our room.

We actually spent our time in the indoor park. After our fill of that we headed out for dinner. We ate at a place called Paul Bunyans. It's set up like a cook shanty for loggers and it's an all you can eat dinner. Not a buffet, but they bring the items to your table and you serve yourself and you can request as many refills as you'd like. The menu for the evening was BBQ ribs and fried chicken, yum.

The people who sat at the table next to ours were from another country, not sure where but they had accents. Anyway, it was just interesting to observe. Here we are (and most others in the place) eating our ribs and chicken with our fingers.......right? They used a knife and fork to cut up their fried chicken. I kind of felt like a slob! lol

By the time we were done it was getting late. We got a few things in the gift shop and headed back to the hotel, got settled in and watched a bit of tv. We were tired after a long day. Ready to get some rest, so why is it that no one else in the hotel can understand that? That is one of the big things that bothers me about hotels, people seem to have no courtesy for other guests. It's 11pm and people are walking through the halls talking at the top of their lungs and letting their doors slam. The family next door is goofing around with their kids, laughing and yelling. Then they decide the kids need a bath and of course can't go to bed with wet hair so start running the hair dryer!

Then Tiger is up wandering around the room at 6 freakin 30 in the morning. That kid does not know how to sleep in!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Art Project

One of Skowt's latest art project assignments was to create an over sized version of an everyday item. She chose a camera. She even made it a Canon (though not my model). Maybe she'll take after mom with a love for photography. She has been asking for her own digital for her birthday this summer!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back Home

We're back from our long weekend in the Wisconsin Dells. Got back late yesterday afternoon. Had a good time (for the most part). Spending that many continuous hours with your family can lead to some friction here and there. Especially this family!

I will share some pics when I get to editing them. I'm so glad I didn't have to work today, the weekend kind of wore me out! So far today I've been kind of lazy. Just don't feel like getting back to "real" life and the laundry and dishes! I do need to get moving to the grocery store, was barely able to make sandwiches for the kids lunch today.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Photo Hunt: Shoes

"Mom, why are bowling shoes so ugly?"

I'm back. I missed the last 3 photohunts for one reason or another. I'm heading out for the weekend but wanted to get this in before we left so I don't miss any more! I will be taking my laptop, so as long as I can get internet tonight, I'll be back to visit other sites and comment.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!!

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Whole lotta ducklings

Check out the trespassers we had in our yard tonight. They ran away quickly into the neighbor's yard and hid. I had to squat behind a tree so the mom would bring them back out. You can click on the photo to get a little better view. We counted 14 little heads!

Happy Birthday Hubby!!

He turns 39 today!
Join me in wishing him a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

That means I'm not far behind.
I will be turning 39 later this year.


Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hubby goes in for an MRI today.

I think I mentioned a while back that he was having problems with his right neck/shoulder/arm. Well he's been to the orthopedic doctor a couple times, gotten x-rays taken and gone through some physical therapy and while it doesn't hurt as much he still doesn't have full use of it. They still aren't quite sure if it's a torn muscle or a pinched nerve or what. I guess you can't fully tell from an x-ray so now it's time for the MRI. Whatever! They take the x-rays to rule out other possibilities before doing an MRI, which is more expensive and sometimes not covered by insurance.

Hoping it's not something that will require surgery and for him to be out of work. He will be able to collect some kind of pay but not sure how much. We'd have to check into that if it goes that far. He was actually saying it might not be so bad being on leave from work for a while.............yeah, until we can't make the mortgage payment because you aren't bringing home a full paycheck! Mine sure won't cut it!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My life

The title of this blog is Lynn's Life. But as you can see, since I only post about once a week, my life is pretty boring! Or I just haven't mastered the art of making it "appear" exciting!

So what's a good age to let your daughter start wearing makeup? I don't remember what age I was "allowed" to start wearing. Skowt asked me about it yesterday. She does wear a little lip gloss now and then but she asked about eye shadow and mascara. Because ya know...........everybody is wearing it! Except her and 3 other girls (one is allergic and one is very tomboyish), so really that means only her and her best friend!

I went to her band concert last night and took notice of the girls with makeup. Umm, yeah.....not quite everybody my friend! LOL It was more the 8th graders, she is in 7th. The one girl I did notice with eye shadow in 7th grade looked a little trampy. Not that I think I'd have a problem with her looking like that.

Now when Tiger is her age, I don't know........she's a whole other animal! She's been something else lately! She told me the other day she has anger issues. Oh, she can be as sweet as can be when she wants something, but otherwise she picks fights with Skowt just because she can.
Oh, I'm so looking forward to them both being home all day so I can listen to that. Just 15 days of school left!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pictures, friends and concerts

I love taking pictures, but sometimes I miss what's right in front of me. I'm so intent on getting the perfect concert shot, landscape or closeup that I forget about everything else.

Like this past week during the Rick Springfield shows........I had my camera with me at all times, met up with friends and met some new people and not once did I think to get pictures with them! Having fun with friends is a big part of the RS concert experience for me and one of the many reasons I keep going back for more. Those are some times you want to capture and remember for a lifetime and I missed them.

I will share a few of what I did get........some of the not so "normal" concert shots.

His hands........I love watching them at work on the guitar.

His boots............I had a dream about these boots so naturally I had to photograph them.

His Aaa.......wait a minute..........How did that one get in there? LOL

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No time for blogging

Wow, I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted.

I'm still here! Had a busy weekend meeting up with friends and seeing a few Rick Springfield concerts, spent all of Sunday with the kids for Mother's Day and have had to work some extra hours at work with someone out sick. I really hate my job sometimes!

Also had a couple days in there where I was without internet service. That was a real bummer!

Now I'm busy catching up on emails and reading blogs. It's nice to be "back".

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How do I get myself into these things?

I went to Tiger's Brownie meeting just to watch the bridging ceremony as they move on to Junior Girl Scouts..............I come home the new cookie mom for the troop!

That's OK, I know how it goes. I was the leader/co-leader for Skowt's troop for 6 years and know how hard it is to get help. It was either that or sign up to plan one of the meetings for the year. I much prefer doing the cookies and I've done it before so it shouldn't be all that bad.

Thin Mints anyone?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Tiger!!!

Today is the day my youngest turned 9!! How did that happen?

So Saturday was the pizza party and sleepover. We spent 5 times as much money to buy tokens to play games to turn in for prizes than the junk was worth! But the kids love those places. It went pretty well and I made it through! lol I don't think they got much sleep though. I heard them goofing around at 3 AM when I got up to go to the bathroom, so hubby went in to tell them to get to sleep.

Then yesterday was the day we went for the ear piercing! She's been wanting to do this forever now but we made her wait until she was 9, like her sister did. She's not too good with needles so I thought we'd have a tough time. She did get nervous and shed a few tears but she got through it. Then of course she needed a soft pretzel to ease the pain.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Nelson pic

Here's the pic I promised. That's Matthew in the middle and Gunnar on the right.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Strange Dreams

I had two strange dreams last night.

First I dreamt two of my co-workers got fired for stealing from the store. One of them pulled a gun while working (not at all someone you'd expect to have a gun!) and they took off with some cash and we found out they had been stealing for quite some time. My mom had been called to go help out at the store and she wouldn't tell me why, but I was with her when she went. When we got there I found out because the surveillance tape was playing in the office. Strange too.....the store didn't really look like the place I work.

The second was about the cruise hubby and I are taking. For some reason we were on different flights. I realized when I was ready to board mine that I hadn't packed any of our cosmetic items. I had packed the suitcase with clothes the day before but was going to put all the rest in the next day and never did. I tried to call my hubby to pack a bag quick but found out he was boarding at the same time. I didn't even know when his flight was. I was freaking out because we wouldn't have any deodorant or shampoo. We'd have to find a store a buy a bunch of stuff before getting on the ship.

I hope it's not a premonition. Though every time we do take a trip I always feel like I've forgotten something, even though I make lists of everything we need to bring.

We got our passports yesterday, they look so empty. I wish we could go traveling to fill them up. Also got the copy of the pic of me with the Nelson brothers. I'll try to scan it later when I have time and share it with you even though I look like a dork!