Monday, February 28, 2011

Project Smile {February}

1. Finally getting the windows fixed on our Jeep.

2. Snow day, got to sleep in since kids didn't have to get to school.

   Unfortunately my smile didn't last long...the rest of the day sucked :(

3. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

4. Picking up the free $10 gift card card I won!  Yay me!

5. My 11yo helping with the grocery shopping and getting dinner in the crock pot without any complaints!

6. Making pizza and watching the Superbowl with my family.
7. My cousin and his wife welcomed their new little girl into the world!

8. Listening to my daughter tell me about something good that happened at school today.

9. Made hot air balloon ride reservations for hubby and I while we are on our Florida vacation.  I can't wait!!

10. Snuggling on the couch catching up on some favorite TV shows with hubby.

11. Listening to my kids sing, giggle and basically get along instead of fighting!

12. Watching movies with my 11 year old!

13. Red velvet cake.


15. Talking with a bloggy friend on the phone.

16. The new season of Survivor started!

17. Going back to bed after the kids left for school.

18. Lunch date with hubby.

19. Watching my daughter's tennis tournament.

20. Meeting Frank Fritz

21. ?

22. I've been reading every day lately and I'm on my 2nd book for February!  See more about my reading list and goals here.


24. Alone time. Watched a netflix movie that has been sitting here for weeks.

25. Starbucks with a friend

26. Watching my kids try to dance to "Michael Jackson, The Experience" on Wii.

27. Spending the day at home as a family.  My daughter made a cool spaghetti and meatball cake, dinner together, watching "The Amazing Race"

28. Winning a giveaway from Mamarazzi at Dandelion Wishes
She holds one every Monday.  Check it out!

Wow, listing something for each day was harder than I thought!  Some days I had many things to choose from.  Other days I sat there thinking "what even happened today to make me smile?"  And one day I even forgot and couldn't come up with something days later.  Oops!  But it made me realize that there usually is something good, however small it may be, that happens each day. 

I just need to start noticing they are there!


    Shannon said...

    I need to try this. We didn't have a lot to smile about there for a few days this past month, though...

    Amy said...

    This is an interesting meme! I like all of your 'smiles'!

    Snowcatcher said...

    Going back to bed after the kids go to school... that's a luxury I wish I could have partaken! What a great idea!

    Glad you had so many fun smiles this month!

    alicia said...

    2 made me laugh. So jealous about 9. And 13- yum!!!! Thanks so much for joining project smile!