Saturday, February 5, 2011

I love FREE stuff!

It's been 8 months since I quit my job.  I've been trying to focus on my photography more and sell some stuff but it's slow going.  I'm still on the waiting list to get a booth in the craft store to sell my prints.  I've also got my zazzle store up and running but it's a work in progress as I want to continue to add as much as I can.  I've had some sales though and in less than six months I've actually met the requirement to get my first payout!  Woohoo!  

But obviously that is not nearly as much as I would have made in six months working.  I've been feeling guilty that I'm not contributing a whole lot financially.  So I've been trying to do my best to cut corners where I can and save some money whenever possible. 

I was inspired by a woman I saw on Ellen and have been using more coupons for grocery and household things.  I found quite a few coupon and money saving blogs to follow and have found some great deals.  I've gotten many items for free or next to nothing by using them on sale items or stacking them with in store coupons.  I'm not doing it nearly on the scale this woman does and it takes some time a planning to match things up but in the long run it saves on the grocery bill.

In the past couple weeks I've also won some free stuff just by following some businesses on Facebook or Twitter.  I'm a fan of Rocky Rococo Pizza on facebook and a few weeks ago they posted that a certain number commenter on that post would win a case of their sauce.  Well to encourage people to comment they said they would be randomly giving away other prizes.  So I commented and ended up winning a FREE Large pizza.  That's one meal we don't have to pay for and I don't have to cook!!

Yesterday I checked Twitter and one of the malls in the area that I follow tweeted about Green Bay in the Super Bowl and that the first 50 people to email them "GO PACK GO" would win a $10 gift card.

Look what I won!!  Hmm? What should I buy?

So if you're on Facebook and Twitter check out some of your favorite companies and products to see if they have pages.  If not just find their website.  You just might be able to snag some free stuff.  Many of them have either coupons to print or free samples to request in addition to doing these giveaways sometimes.


Amy said...

That is so cool! I love free stuff, like you said though, time is a factor. You really have to work to find stuff. WInning is so much fun too!

Shannon said...

That's awesome!

And I totally know what you mean about feeling like you don't contribute financially. UGH.