Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a relief!

I'm breathing a big sigh of relief right now after visiting the Breast Specialist/Surgeon.

I hadn't mentioned anything on my blog at all but I'll explain what's up. Back on October 8th I went for my annual mammogram. Yes, I know I'm not quite 40 yet but my doctor had me go at 35 to do a baseline mammo. The plan was then to start again after 40. Well, they found some cysts that first time that they followed up on a couple of times every 6 months and now I've been going ever since to be sure there are no changes.

Well, this time they saw something else and called me back to get more views and possibly do an ultrasound. So I went back on the 13th. After 2.5 hours, multiple angles and an ultrasound the radiologist still couldn't figure out exactly what it was that he was seeing so he recommended and biopsy. He said I could give it another 6 months but he was leaning toward the biopsy.

I went home a nervous wreck, discussed it with hubby and decided better safe than sorry and I should have the biopsy done. Well, before I had a chance to schedule it my OB called and he referred to me to a specialist before I went under the knife in any kind of way.

That appointment was today. I'm so glad I went and didn't go the biopsy option right away. He basically took one look at the pictures and knew I had nothing to worry about. They had taken multiple views of the same breast but what they were looking at only showed up in one of the angles. The specialist explained that if it was a lump of any kind we would see if from all the different angles. Because of the way certain tissue shows up he said we were basically looking at multiple layers of the same type of tissue directly below each other which makes it look brighter on the x-ray, therefore looking worse than it really is. Whew!

He said going for the biopsy would have been a waste, they would have been searching around for something that isn't there. Then I would have unnecessary scar tissue to deal with too. He does still want me to follow up again in 6 months because even though the risk is low at my age he says the tissue is constantly changing and it doesn't hurt to keep an eye on it.

No problem! I'll see you in 6 months!


Aim said...

I'm so glad it turned out okay. Follow up is not a bad thing just to make sure. I've been where you are/were and it was awful. I guess I should be scheduling my first official annual mamo soon! BTW-got my first set of photos yesterday. They turned out great. If you want to put a couple on your photography blog, you have my blessing.

Amy said...

Some younger women in this area have been diagnosed with breast cancer so it is never something you should dismiss because of your age. My mom was 45 but I know of a girl that is quite younger than me, early 30's, who has it now, and it has spread ALL over.

I know exactly how you feel though. I have had 2 surgeries within 6 years and I would much rather endure that then what I had to watch my mom go through.

Stay healthy!