Sunday, November 8, 2009

We love the zoo!

Another gorgeous day in Wisconsin today! So we took a little time and went to the zoo again. This time to check out the little tiger cubs that were born back in July. They are on display for a couple hours a day now.

Isn't she cute???

Let's see, highlight of the day (besides the cubs) was when we were checking out the lions. They were outside today and there is a viewing area where you can get up close behind glass. The male was relaxing on a rock and the female came over and at first just looked like she was going to lay down next to him. Well he get up, she lays you see where I'm going with this??? LOL It was funny because then as soon as he started to straddle her me and about 3 other parents were like OK time to go, let's move on!

We love going to the zoo. Well, this zoo. I think Milwaukee County Zoo is one of the nicest we've ever been to. Every time we go somewhere else we always compare it to MKE. But while we love the zoo and think it is one of the best as far as animal exhibits and activities, their food service leaves much to be desired! We decided to eat there today and afterward also decided that it would be the last time!

So, if you've never been and have the chance to go we highly recommend it. But we also highly recommend packing your own picnic lunch or heading somewhere before or after for lunch!

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Nicole said...

I am loving keeping up with what you guys are doing daily! Keep posting!