Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eat your veggies!

If your kids are like mine.......or pretty much any kid out there........or like me, pickiest eater in the have a hard time getting them to eat many veggies.

Well, here's my "trick" to get mine to eat green beans. Hey, did you ever think you'd be getting a cooking/food tip from this blog? Probably not!

Anyway, all you need is some butter or margarine, a can of French cut green beans and some bread crumbs.

Melt margarine in a skillet, drain the green beans, spread them in the pan and cover them with bread crumbs. Stir fry them until they are a nice golden brown. Don't be afraid to add bread crumbs until you get the right texture. Even though you drain the beans they tend to soak up the moisture from them. You want them kinda crisp, not soggy!

And viola..........

Bread crumbs and beans! Even I think they are yummy! I'm lucky if I can get the kids to eat a couple beans normally. I make them like this and they take a whole big spoon full and even ask for more.

My grandmother used to make them like this all the time! It wasn't until just recently that I tried them again, not sure why. Hers of course were much better........she used fresh beans and cooked them in a cast iron pan. So all the better if you've got either of those.

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Aim said...

Wow, if I try this and my kids actually eat them without complaining, I might send you a present. :-) Good job taking a pix. I always forget that.