Thursday, September 15, 2011

She passed!!

She's so excited!  I'm a nervous wreck!!

I mentioned yesterday it was road test day.  The instructor said she did well.  The only things she had problems with was the parallel parking (who doesn't?  I still avoid it at all costs) and making sure she got up to speed a little quicker in the business district.  

She already took her maiden voyage alone last night.  She drove back and forth to jazz band practice at school.  It's a route she's driven with me many times.  But even so I was a basket case waiting for her to text me once she got there!  And then again when she told me she was coming home.  

I think I see few more grey hairs in the mirror today.


Nicole said...

And it begins.


You know, in Oklahoma they don't even test parallel parking anymore.

Amy said...

That's awesome...congrats to her! And a bottle of Miss Clairol to you! LOL!