Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day Photos

It's time for the annual first day of school photos!

A junior this year.  Really?

Yeah, really.  But while getting her pics taken she said "Mom!  I feel like a kindergartner!"  Well to me it's seems like you just were!

She's part of what they call the "Link Crew" this year.  A bunch of Juniors and Seniors who get together and are trained to welcome and help the freshman.  She was at the freshman orientation the other day where they show them around and help them find classrooms.  They had to wear their shirts today so any freshman needing help during the day could find them.

And a 7th grader.  Doesn't seem possible!

Just a bit worried about her today.  It's her first full day away from us since her diagnosis.

"Mom, you're not putting these on Facebook are you?"

LOL, no just my blog.  OK, maybe one on FB!!

Their pics from last year's first day are in my header.  Check out the difference!  

1 comment:

Amy said...

They are beautiful and yes, they grow way too fast!

Chelsea had a Link Crew leader for her freshman orientation. That's a pretty cool program.