Thursday, March 5, 2009

25 Things

I got tagged for this on Facebook but thought I would post it here too. It took me quite a while, I was actually tagged over a week ago. I've already done 100 things list so I didn't want to duplicate anything. So here goes;

  1. I turn maps to face the direction we are heading. It drives hubby crazy!
  2. John Grisham is a favorite author. I buy all his books as soon as they come out but haven't read them all.
  3. Tuna has to be packed in water, NOT oil. Eww!
  4. I prefer mayo, not Miracle Whip. But I only eat it in tuna. Oh, and it must be Hellman's
  5. When using public restrooms, if I have a choice, I don't use the first stall.
  6. I flush with my foot in public restrooms. Just something my mom taught me years ago.
  7. I have never lived alone.
  8. I get hiccups when I get tired.
  9. Will usually eat a sandwich or cold pizza for breakfast. Prefer that over most breakfast food items.
  10. Parallel parking was the only thing I messed up on my drivers test. I still can't do it very well. If I can't pull in straight I most likely won't park there.
  11. I've been wearing the same winter coat for the past 10 years. You think it's time for a new one?
  12. I'm trying to drink less soda and more water. It's hard. I like my soda.
  13. I would like to lose about 20 pounds.
  14. I have 25 pairs of shoes, 10 of them are black. Had a few more but they seem to have made their way into Skowt's closet.
  15. I AM the Queen of Italy! ;)
  16. I still have my tonsils
  17. And also my appendix
  18. I dream in color
  19. I love Shamrock Shakes! Had my first of the year yesterday!
  20. I pay most of my bills online.
  21. I was in labor for 13 hours with my first and for like 2 with my second.
  22. I have never owned a brand new vehicle :(
  23. I don't drink coffee and really don't like the smell.
  24. I have blue eyes.
  25. I've never had a mani/pedi.


Aim said...

that was awesome. we have a lot of similarities. I do the map thing too and I love hellman's.

Molly Anne said...

The map thing makes total sense to me!