Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My must see TV list

I've mentioned before that I watch a lot of tv. So since the new television season is upon us I thought I'd share with you a list of the shows I have to watch. These are the ones I make a point of watching regularly when there are new episodes. There are plenty others that I'm willing to watch but don't make a point of seeing them every week or Tivo-ing them.

In no particular order:

Army Wives: Love it! One of the best shows on tv I think. Not to mention the hotness that is Drew Fuller.

Psych: Funny show. Love the interaction between Sean and Gus. Gus really cracks me up sometimes. Pineapple anyone?

Monk: My favorite obsessive compulsive detective. I have a few things that I'm a little obsessive about at home so hubby call me "monk" sometimes.

Lost: I am so Lost when it comes to this show sometimes. I don't know what the hell is going on but still love it. It keeps you coming back for more hoping to finally be given some answers. But then you get one question answered and you have five more! Josh Holloway...........Matthew Fox.........need I say more?

Ellen Degeneres Show: She is so funny. Mom and I watch her every night while having dinner. Even when there is a guest on that you don't know or isn't a fave it's still fun to watch because she makes it interesting.

Survivor: Have loved it from the very beginning. We've watched every season as a family.

Amazing Race: Another "reality" show I've watched since it started. Some of those couples are so dysfunctional! Hubby and I always joke about us doing it together. I would get us so totally lost!

My Name is Earl: Hubby is the one that started watching and it took me a season or so to catch on. But now we have to watch it together every week.

The Office: Jim and Pam forever!!! Don't we all have those unusual people we work with? There seems to be an over abundance of them in this office though, which is what makes it so funny. I love John Krasinski!

Friday Night Lights: I am so glad my mom finally talked me into watching this. I missed the first season but put it on Netflix and was able to watch them all over the summer in time to catch the second season. It's such a good show, but has low ratings. We almost lost it. So glad DirecTv picked it up. Hope it doesn't change and they are able to keep it going. It's not all about football. It's about life. And it has another of my favorite hotties.... Taylor Kitsch!

Lipstick Jungle: Just a fun, kind of guilty pleasure show I started watching last year. Mmm. This one's got Robert Buckley! Ok, do guys see a pattern here? LOL NO, hot guys is not my only criteria for liking a show. But it doesn't hurt!

The two new ones I am planning to add to my list this year.............

The Mentalist: Looks like it's kind of the serious version of Psych. A guy with a keen observation skills helping the police to solve crimes.

My Own Worst Enemy: Christian Slater. This one was hyped up and advertised a lot during the Olympics. I hope it's that good. It kind of made me think of that movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger (True Lies) where his wife didn't know he was a spy.


Amy said...

The only one on your list that I watch is Ellen, and now that I am working I guess I won't be seeing much of her since she only plays during the day here. Unless of course Rick would be on again, and then I'd have to record it. :D

BITR Country Girl said...

Found you blogaroundtheworld. I don't get to watch much actual tv because I work third shift but when I do I watch a lot of Deadliest Catch! It's soooo awesome! Monk's good too....Love me some Monk.