Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Survived the 1st day!

Well, they both made it through the 1st (and now 2nd) day of school. Skowt was kinda bummed. She kept counting down the hours left of summer. They both look so thrilled to have their pics taken don't they?

This year two neighbors and I are carpooling to bring Skowt and each their kids to school. They just built and opened two new intermediate schools in town. The elementary schools were getting too crowed and the middle school was just old. So now we have two schools with grades 5th-8th.

The one our kids go to is practically right across the street. But it's a 4 lane highway so even though all three of them had their hearts set on walking or riding their bikes, they aren't allowed to. Not only a school rule, but city too. The principal told us they would turn over anyone not following the rule to the local sheriff. Yikes!

They do provide bus service but it would only take them 50 minutes, yes that's 5-0 minutes to get across the freakin street! We are one of the first stops, then they get everyone else, then go to drop the high school kids off first, wait there while they pick up more kids because it's one of the shuttle buses and then head to school. Ridiculous!

Me on the other hand, I'm having a rough time adjusting already! lol I was so looking forward to them being at school and getting going on my long list of projects. But guess what? I don't feel like doing a darn thing! I think I'll enjoy my first week of freedom and then get into the swing of things next week. I hope.


Amy said...

50 minutes! Yikes. Skowt looks just like you. I forgot our kids were in the same grades. I'll have to show you our first day of school pix. I need to get them off the camera. Enjoy your adjustment time. You won't go crazy for a day or two. LOL

Aubrey said...

Enjoy it!
There is always next week!!

Sooz said...

LOL enjoy the silence for a while, everything else can wait a couple of days!

Fifty minutes to go to a school across the street? That's nuts!

Julie said...

that's crazy - 50 minutes on the bus to go 5 minutes. i'd carpool too!