Sunday, September 28, 2008

I met Jason Thompson!

For those of you who don't know, Jason Thompson plays Dr. Patrick Drake on General Hospital. He did a meet a greet at a Walmart in Illinois yesterday. I drove down and met up with Aim and we went over there together. (Check out her blog for her story and photo from the day)

She did a great job and was able to speak to him. I on the other hand froze up as usual. Those Drake men have a way of doing that to me! I said "Hi" right away when I walked up but then went blank. He looked up at me from his chair with this look on his face as if to say "Are you going to speak woman?" LOL I just kept thinking about how I had no clue what to say. Looking back I wish I would have said that. I'm sure he would have thought it quite funny.

So he just asked how I was doing, I told him fine and asked the same. He then asked my name and how to spell it. He handed me the photo and I was able to ask him if he minded standing up for the photo. Which he obliged, I said thank you and was on my way.


Lori said...

Oh wow! What a yummy pic.! I know you called but when I checked my voicemail, I couldn't make heads or tails of what you were saying. Randy is home sick with the flu since Fri. night and C. has a bad cough so I've been playing Mom AND Dad. Again, that is one awesome pic! Amy's was awesome too!

Amy said...

Oh my! He is sooo hot! I would have done the opposite, said something stupid!

I love your new layout :D

Sooz said...

Awesome pic Lynn!