Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This one time, at band camp.....

Skowt came home yesterday with the news that when she is freshman next year the high school band is planning a trip to Florida.

Ahhh! I'm not ready for this!

She didn't have many details yet, but had a packet to start raising money for their trip account. This frustrated hubby and I a bit. You expect them to start fundraising for a trip we know nothing about yet? I emailed her band teacher today and she assured me that the HS teacher was working on a letter to be sent to parents by the end of the week.

It scares me to death to send her on a trip like that! And not just because she is diabetic and who is gonna take responsibility for making sure she gets her meds and eats regularly? I've been on a trip like that when I was in High School. I know what the older kids were up to. In fact quite a few kids got sent home for their behavior. My mom has said that she was scared to death to send me.

But it's part of being in band, how can we not let her go? This will be her only opportunity as her school only goes every 4 years. Mine went every two. I wasn't able to go my sophomore year because I had to go on a family trip. Fun.
It was during Christmas break and I got back before the band did. I had to sort music during my band hour because there was no class.

Maybe I'll just have to torture her and go as a chaperon!


Sooz said...

Florida sounds great, I'd torture my child by going! :)

It sounds like Matt's band has an end of the year trip planned to a amusement/water park in Idaho, but we haven't heard anything about it yet. That's the carrot at the end of the stick for him for doing well in band...whatever works!

Amy said...

OH yeah, go with her. Or you can send me, I'll volunteer :D

Amy said...

Oh boy,I'd be scared too!
I agree, go with her!;o)

Amy said...

hannah went last year and it was very weird. I think it helped for us that she had done CYT camp the summer before. I say if you can, go with her. Not for the medical part, just to "experience the band trip with her" LOL it is weird that they are fundraising already for the next school year. What if somebody raises money and then moves or decides not to be in band next year??