Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm all a twitter

I finally decided to join Twitter. Everybody else is doing it........yup, I'm a follower.

Sometimes there are random thoughts that go through my head but aren't worthy of a whole blog post. Now I'll have a place to put them. And lucky for you all, you'll get to read 'em!

Yeah, like I need another time waster!

Click on the "follow me on twitter" link I put up on the left to keep up with my randomness. Let me know if you join or already tweet and I'll follow you too!


Amy said...

I can't do it, I can barely keep up now...haha!

Amy said...

I'm a follower as well. writeone2 on twitter, private, Lynn is my only followee so far.

Amy said...

Hey, FYI, I just gave you an award. Check out my blog.