Thursday, September 11, 2008


One of the reasons I originally started this blog was to keep family in the loop and to keep in touch with them. Unfortunately none of them seemed interested in reading my blog.

Most of them visited once, I think. My mom read for a few months or so but I don't think she's looked in a while. She does live right next door though! Maybe they just don't get the whole blog thing!

It's just frustrating because I've tried other things in the past to keep connected with our family who is spread out all over the country and none of them seem to work. I can't even get a response to an email from most of them!

What about everyone else? Does your family read your blog? Do you want them to? Do you care? lol


Amy said...

They don't even know I have one...ha!

Sooz said...

My brother is on MySpace so he checks that blog out once in a while, but my parents are just now getting into the world of the Web, so I don't even think they know what a blog IS yet LOL.

Amy said...

I do have a couple family members and friends that read but my mom and dad don't even own a computer.
I tried to explain to my sister what a blog was but I'm not sure she got it.:o)

JourneytoFamily said...

I started mine with the same intentions, and other than my in-laws (who are faithful readers), and my sister... no one else in my family/extended family reads it.

My mom asked me a while back what was going on in my life and I said, "Just read my blog... everything is in there." She still doesn't. :)

Kat said...

Originally, my blog was supposed to document our homeschooling journey. But very quickly (like within a week) it morphed into me, me, me.

My family does read my blog. They never comment. But they do read. Sometimes I wish they didn't. So that I could vent about them sometimes.

But, I must say that the connections I've made through blogging are just amazing.

And on that note, thanks so much for visiting me in Georgia last week via BATW!