Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Post

The things I'm happy about this week....
I completed my goal of reading 12 books this year.  I know not much, but early in the year I decided I was not reading enough.  Sometimes it would take me months to finish a book so I started with a goal of one book per month.  I reached it and even beat it by one book so far!!
Saturday movie nights with my family.  We try to do this as often as possible when the kids aren't off on a sleepover....or working now.  We watched "Limitless" with Bradley Cooper (Yum! Though he was kinda scrubbily gross in parts of the movie!)  Here's a pic just because....

You're welcome.....Hmm, random pics of hot celebs make me happy maybe I should do that on my blog more often!
Lazy Sundays....no plans, no place to go, relaxing at home and everybody getting along!  It's that time of year where I start wishing I could just hibernate trough the cold and snowy months!
A husband that loves me no matter what! 


VandyJ said...

Snug weekends with family are the best.

Amy said...

WHat? I didn't hear anything you said..too busy drooling over Bradley! Yum! :)

Conni said...

Reading, good for you, I read about a book a week, love to read!!

You are right, you should post hot pictures like that more often, that is a great happy maker!!

Mamarazzi said...

12 books...love it and i am jealous! i need to make more time for reading!! i think i have only read about 6 books this year.

thanks for linking up!!