Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Post


Again I had a hard time with this.  Why do I have to think so hard.  I wish it came naturally.

Anyway, this week...

I'm HAPPY because Psych is back with new episodes!  ThatsWhatImTalkingAbout!  James Roday and Dule Hill make a great team.  

I'm HAPPY because I bought my tickets for the Midnight showing of Breaking Dawn part 1!!  Going with a friend of mine without any kids this time.  Looking forward to it!

My awesome new PURPLE socks make me HAPPY!

And in the background you can see a portion of the screen on my new computer that makes me HAPPY! 
My laptop bit the dust which was the pits but we were able to get 18 months of interest free financing which really makes me HAPPY because we could not have come up with the entire amount right now and this gives us some breathing room.  I went with an all in one this time with a wireless keyboard and mouse and a nice big screen.  So far I love it! 

My daughter and I took a basic Zentangle class at the craft store last Wednesday.  It was a nice night with my girl and I also think I may have found myself another obsession.  It makes me HAPPY because even though I feel I can't draw I was able to do this!  Here are a few of the tangles we learned that night.

We learned them individually, but if you take a look at the site you are eventually meant to combine them in different ways to create some really cool stuff.  Take a look!
I may start sharing some more if I keep it up and create anything decent. 

What made you happy this week?


Amy said...

Cute socks and YAY for the new 'puter!

I've been too busy to blog, hopefully soon :)

Mamarazzi said...

CUTE socks and the art/craft class sounds FUN!!

thanks for linking up!!

K Lind said...

Loving the socks! I like your background!