Sunday, March 24, 2013

Making the switch to Bloglovin

Since Google reader will be leaving us soon I made the switch over to Bloglovin.  Follow me there:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Luckily when you sign up over there you can import all the blogs you follow through google over there.  It did miss a few but for the most part it worked fine.  

The one thing I don't particularly like is that when you are on your home page it only lists the blogs that have unread entries and then you can only see those unread ones.  I like being able to see all the entries for a particular blog in case I wanted to go back to a previous post.  

You can go to your "following" page and click on a blog to see all the posts but it's extra steps.  Something to get used to I guess.  


Amy said...

Ok thanks for that info because I was going to just stop reading/following blogs because I had no idea there would be any other way to do it. Google reader has been acting wonky for weeks now anyway.

THanks again!

Hope you are doing well!

AnNa said...

Oh I didn't know that :) Thank you!