Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Month Of Letters: Week 2

I'm still in it.  Getting out at least one or two items a day.  But I still feel "behind".  I have a bunch of things I need to respond to and I always feel like I'm too slow getting back to people.  

I really need to be in the right mood to write a letter.  I always have good intentions of sitting and responding but then when it comes time I don't always feel like I'm in the right state of mind.

I only photographed my incoming this week.  I keep forgetting about the outgoing.  Well, I forget the incoming too but at least it's here and I can go back and do it the next day. 

A cool hand made envelope, Large letter Ohio postcard and I just love that heart.  It's the cardboard piece from a box of chocolates that the sender covered it cancelled love and heart stamps and sent as a postcard.

More postcards from a Round Robin.

A Few more from the same Round Robin.  I love that little doggie peeking out the door!

More postcards and a letter from a Month of Letters participant.

Here's the note card that was inside that envelope.  I just love the colors.

And a cute valentine's postcard.  The little folded paper hearts were tucked inside a small envelope attached to the back of the postcard.  So fun!

Now I'm staring into a fun weekend of scholarship applications and financial aid forms! 

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Amy said...

Looks like you are keeping it up. Good for you! I hate the procrastination side of myself so I know how you feel. Cute cards you got there! :)